Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WATCH: Extended AS THE WORLD TURNS Tribute has added an extended version of the AS THE WORLD TURNS Daytime Emmy tribute. Watch it below.


  1. Much better more of Nancy and James, Hal and Barbra; as I said DTE never gave any respect to ATWT & GL; My mom will not watch any other soap, she has tried just can't get into them. DTE was a disgrace, Soapfans just can't catch a break. I know they had to do something drastic to get back on the networks, but to loose their dignity. No tribute for Helen Wagner and the others that have died what a travesty, I would much rather see that than Regis going gaga over his Lsshity.

  2. Dick Clark is an institution...BUT...if instead of 20 minutes...they gave him a 15 minute tribute...and then gave a 1:30 to the ATWT trib so that they would have had a total of 2:30 so we could have seen this whole piece (which brought tears to my eyes and I am not even a die-hard ATWT fan)...then given wonderful and legendary Agnes Nixon an additional 2:30 so she wouldn't have had to be so worried about her time being up...and then 1 whole minute to the 3 legends we lost just this year alone...Mitchell, Reid and Wagner.

    The moment I realized the DC tribute clocked in at 20 minutes...I knew any sort of respectful treatment as far as the daytime tributes and the nominated actors was out the window.

    I am glad those who were there had such a great time...I didn't even know half of who were in the audience because of no pre-show and little panning to the audience during the event.