Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sheridan Says ABC Dismissed Assault as 'Light Tap'

Nicollette Sheridan has amended her lawsuit against ABC with new details, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fired DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES co-star Nicollette Sheridan has updated her lawsuit against series creator Marc Cherry and ABC, alleging for the first time that the network investigated her claim of physical abuse on the set and told her it was merely a "light tap on the side of the head."

Sheridan's lawyers have quietly filed an amended complaint in her $20 million, seven-count lawsuit for wrongful termination, assault and battery, and discrimination. We tracked it down, and while it nearly mirrors the original (some language has been cleaned up and a few of the claims are more clearly stated), two interesting paragraphs have been added.

Now Sheridan confirms that was exactly ABC's excuse to her. She also says she was told to go back to work and finish the season "in the spirit of professionalism" but was instead unprofessionally terminated two months later and forced to put on a happy face for the press.

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