Thursday, June 17, 2010

NEWS: Sullivan, Taylor-Ann, Emeril, FNL, Digital Media

Melinda Sullivan (ex-Zoe, ATWT) dances the jive on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE
The judges said her feet and legs were unsuited to that style of dance and Adam said she used her acting abilities to mask her weaknesses.

Emeril tapes possible ATWT replacement
Chef Emeril Lagasse pulled a Bieber on fans yesterday when nearly 50 people with tickets to a taping of his new show were denied entrance. One Long Island fan told the Daily News, "They told us we had seats, but they didn't deliver. I'm so mad, because my trip was for nothing." The taping was for a new CBS cooking game show, hosted by the exuberant chef, which would replace AS THE WORLD TURNS.

How cable TV networks are changing their identities
SOAPnet isn't the only cable network to change course.

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff Dishes A&E Docusoap, Her Sister's HUGE Role and Y&R Debut
"Working on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS with my dad was an absolutely surreal experience! He is my mentor, best friend and inspiration, so being able to act and perform with my him allowed me to really get into character. I felt comfortable around him and he brought out my confidence as an actress. He is such a blast to work with!"

A FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS series finale tease
Michael Ausiello writes: "A shocking spoiler about the final two episodes of season 5 appears in the pages of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on sale tomorrow). Hint: It’s romance-related and I’m fairly certain Jaws. Will. Drop."

Report: Digital media will eventually deliver
Ernst & Young surveyed CFOs from 75 media and entertainment companies on the subject. A related report circulated Thursday suggests a significant rise in digital revenue is only a matter of time.

"As the demand for digitally delivered entertainment continues to increase significantly, CFOs feel optimistic about revenue potential," the consultancy's John Nendick wrote.

The financial executives "agreed that the industry must determine if and how much they can bundle media content and then settle on appropriate pricing," the firm said.


  1. Roger, do you have anything on the original Paul? My mom was wondering what happen to him? Back in the day when ATWT was on top of there game.

  2. Do you mean Danny Pintauro, the little blonde kid (later on WHO'S THE BOSS?) or Andy Kavovit, who was the Emmy winning 3rd or 4th Paul opposite Melanie Smith and others?

  3. Andy Kavovit with Melanie, that's about when I started watching it, I broke my leg playing football in bed for weeks. I remember her, she was so hot, reason why I started watching ATWT, a little older woman that was a good story line and James.