Friday, June 18, 2010

NEWS: Kylie, Franco, Pelphrey, Tomei, Diamont, Bieber

Justin Bieber's EASTENDERS mix-up
Bieber told the Sun: "Some girls asked for my autograph and then said, 'We love you in EASTENDERS.' I'd never heard of the show. So I Googled the actor, and I guess there are worse people to be compared with." Bieber had been confused with actor Thomas Law, who plays Peter Beale on the soap.

Christian LeBlanc's survival goal
“My goal is to be so good that when it gets time for (talent) cuts, they pass me by,” he said.

Don Diamont: Still a stigma with daytime
“There is still a stigma associated with daytime television (and) daytime stars,” Diamont said. “We get much of the positives that come with celebrity without the negatives.”

Former ATWT stars Marisa Tomei & Julianne Moore working together
Tomei teases, "I am currently filming a movie with Julianne Moore, with whom I shared a dressing room on the show."

Tom Pelphrey cast in "In God's Hat"
"In God's Hat," an incendiary new drama by Richard Taylor receives its world premiere in a four-week engagement concocted by the Apothecary Theatre Company. Directed by Kevin Kittle, and featuring the two-time Daytime Emmy Award-winner Tom Pelphrey, "In God's Hat" plays a limited four-week engagement from Wednesday July 14 through Saturday August 7, at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater, 416 West 42nd Street, on Theater Row, with an opening on Sunday July 18 at 2pm.

James Franco - Hollywood star with the soul of a poet
"Carter and I are going to do another film called Maladies, and in that film I will play a character who was formerly on a soap opera, so that has nothing to do with GENERAL HOPSITAL other than it started a conversation between Carter and about how funny it would be if I actually did a soap opera because no one would expect that. So we contacted GENERAL HOPSITAL and they said 'yes', and they asked me what kind of character I would like to play. All I said is that I really want to be an artist and I want to be crazy, so they wrote that character for me and then asked me if that character could be called Franco. So we did it and there was this big reaction and people were very surprised and I was surprised by their reaction."

New Details on James Franco's Crazy GENERAL HOSPITAL Return
When the Franco character hits the air June 30, he'll be seen in Port Charles disguised as a homeless man. "He will set a trail of breadcrumbs for L.A. that will also lure Dante [Dominic Zamprogna] and Lulu [Julie Berman]," says Guza. "But he's pretty much involved with everybody. The extent of his reach will surprise you." And how. When GH fan favorite Vanessa Marcil makes her eagerly awaited return as Brenda on August 11, we'll find out even she has a connection to Franco!

Kylie Minogue has not been asked to return to NEIGHBOURS
"No one’s called us. Not a call, not a letter, not a fax, not an e-mail,” she continued. “I think this might’ve come about because someone asked me in an interview, they said, ‘Would you ever go back?’ And I was like, ‘I think that time passed,’ but I just was making a joke saying… ‘Can you imagine if [my character] Charlene [came back to] Ramsay St. in the mini [car] that she left in 20 years ago?… The story’s kind of taken a turn but I, I don’t know how I can pull it off.”

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