Sunday, June 20, 2010

NEWS: Joan Collins, PGP, CBS, HIGH DRAMA, CRE, Case

CRE Studies TV Ratings Nonresponders
A new study from the Council for Research Excellence gets to the heart of trust in TV ratings. Just who are those people who decline to participate in ratings? And if they did participate, would ratings change?

Are Major Marketers Training John Q. Public to Whine on Web?
Consumers might be learning that an angry tweet gets a faster response from Corporate America than a quiet phone call to resolve problems.

Web Series HIGH DRAMA 2 Premieres on TheWB.Com
HIGH DRAMA 2 follows the theater company of Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as they put on their best show yet: "The Wizard of Oz."

Reliance Media World, CBS Enter Talks for Joint TV Venture in India
The venture—in which Reliance Media World and CBS will own equal stakes—initially will broadcast English language general entertainment channels. The companies plan to explore Hindi language and regional-language entertainment channels in its next phase.

P&G Productions presents is a new website from Procter & Gamble Productions, run in partnership with Barefoot Proximity, aimed at helping dads succeed in their expanded role in the family. The site features 8 different verticals which help break down aspects of men's everyday lives. Section titles include; Around the House, Food & Cooking, Money and Career, Technology and Gear, Family and Parenting, Relationships, Feeling Good and Looking Good.

Joan Collins: Why I hated Bing Crosby
"Bob Hope was a lovely, warm person," Collins said. "But Crosby was cold. Very. I didn’t like him at all. All the crew on that film hated him, too. That’s usually a good indication. The crew are usually very astute when it comes to measuring up actors and actresses. They see right through the make-up and egos."

PREVIEW: Sharon Case's Hallmark movie repeats tonight at 9 p.m. ET
Ben (David James Elliott) is a single dad and an ad(vertising) man gone mad who loses his job and runs out of options when he fires his help before realizing he has never bothered to get to know his own kids. Once clueless about managing a household, Ben reconnects with his children and begins to understand the choices and consequences of his decisions. In the end, Ben discovers there are many routes to work-family balance. The World Premiere of Dad’s Home, a Hallmark Channel Original Movie, was Saturday night. Sharon Case of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS also stars.

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