Monday, June 21, 2010

NEWS: Daytime Emmy Preview, Egoli, Census, Facebook

ATI's David McKenzie previews the Daytime Emmys in Las Vegas
“Think of all the game shows that have come to Las Vegas,” McKenzie says. “Think of all the actual games in Las Vegas — and all the slot machines that are tied into game shows,” plus “all the talk shows that come into Vegas.” Add glitz and glamour worthy of any soap opera diva and it adds up to “a fairly cool marriage” between the Daytime Emmys and this year’s Vegas setting, he maintains.

That setting will be reflected in a “very Vegas-themed show,” McKenzie promises, with a large local contingent appearing on the telecast — including such Strip fixtures as Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, David Copperfield, Marie Osmond, “Jersey Boys” and “Lion King” cast members and the “Jubilee!” showgirls, all of whom are scheduled to appear.

Digitas Measuring Engagement for Online Video Campaigns
"Now that we are stealing those [TV ad] dollars, we use them to intelligently experiment and track and by that we mean get involved in original content creations and other highly engaging content partnerships and measure them," said John McCarus, VP and group director Digitas/The Third Act. Specifically, he's referring to the ability to place a value on a community, for instance, the engagement behind it, and the activity of consumers all the way through the purchase funnel.

How the Census Will Change Your Business: A Q&A With Telemundo's Don Browne
"We’re seeing enlightened, smart decision-makers beginning to understand and jump on board. And I think it bodes really well if you’re in the Hispanic business. But I think it also bodes really well for the general market also becoming much more aware of the need to be speaking to this audience."

5 reasons the new Facebook movie poster is brilliant
Sony/Columbia Pictures began cranking up the marketing machine over the weekend for the upcoming release of The Social Network.

Review: Egoli - The Movie
Shot in the most dull and pedestrian way, this feature film, made after the closure of the long-running TV soap, feels like a storyline that they may have wanted to use during the series, but it never seemed to fit properly.


  1. Great...just what we need is a bunch of Las Vegas acts taking up all the time so winners won't be able to make acceptance speeches.

  2. With all of the Vegas entertainment, will there be any mention of the soaps?

  3. This isn't the Vegas Tony awards, CBS. I'd rather see a tribute to Helen Wagner than a production number from The Lion King.

  4. Well on the plus side at least the nominees and actors their will be entertained.

  5. If the Dick Clark tribute and other entertainers help bring more viewers to the show who, in turn, check out some of the soap actors or soaps, it can only help daytime.