Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nelson Aspen's Where Are They Now Tour: Louise Shaffer

It's not just Facebook that reunites long, lost friends. Thanks to We Love Soaps, I heard from my pal Louise Shaffer, with whom I'd lost touch a quarter century ago after SEARCH FOR TOMORROW was canceled. She'd seen some of my "Where Are They Now" vids on this site and was eager to reconnect. Not only was it wonderul to be back in contact with this funny, fiesty and oh-so-talented dame, but when I found out she had just come out with her fifth novel, I knew she was a perfect interview subject for our next WLS installment. So if you don't already know her work from soaps like WHERE THE HEART IS, THE EDGE OF NIGHT, two stints on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW or her Emmy-winning time as "Rae Woodard" on RYAN'S HOPE, then it is my pleasure to introduce you to my fab friend...Louise Shaffer!

- Louise Shaffer Official Website -
- Louise Shaffer's latest novel "Looking For A Love Story"


  1. Excellent interview. I absolutely adore Louise! Such a talent. I was a bit young when Ryan's Hope was originally on, but I watch it daily on SoapNet and it has fast become one of my all time favorite soaps. Rae is my favorite character and she earned that Emmy rightfully! Great work, Louise!!!!

  2. Awesome. I was a SFT viewer in their last two years! *smile*

  3. Great job, Nelson. Louise was so brilliant on EDGE and RH. Wish I could see some of her work on WHERE THE HEART IS.

    Returning to SFT, and stepping in as Stephanie must have been tough. I remember a teenager being jarred by the switch.

    Would love it if she found the perfect role and returned to acting on TV or the web.

  4. Great interview with Loise, Nelson. You always are so relaxed and a real gentleman. Also, I just love your shirt, it"s one of my favourties". Louise is a very talented lady, hope she comes back on one of the soaps. Just love watching everything and evryone you interview. No one ever could do a better job than you. Love Lynne xxxx