Saturday, June 26, 2010

Judi Evans: Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Emmy winner Judi Evans presented several awards at the Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Friday night in Los Angeles along with DAYS OF OUR LIVES co-star James Scott. We Love Soaps spoke with the talented actress on the red carpet. Watch the video below.


  1. LOVE Judi Evans! I wish we could see more of her on Days..that show needs to be wise and give its very talented cast decent storylines. Thank you for the interview!

  2. Damon, I have been watching "Days" again since the news first 'broke' about Alice Horton's declining health on the show (first time in over 10 years!) and I could not believe how GREAT Judi Evans looks! She has never looked better. So glad she's on the show again!