Saturday, June 5, 2010

HOT STORIES: The Death of Matt Saracen's Father

If you want to watch good soap opera, look no further than last night's episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, "The Son." The show aired on DirecTV six months ago, but many fans are seeing it for the first time now on NBC. Last week, Matt learned his father died in Iraq. This week he deals with the aftermath - friends gathering, choosing the funeral package, seeing the body and giving the eulogy. Zach Gilford stepped up his game and played every beat perfectly as the wounded Matt Saracen.

Watch this excellent episode below.


  1. I'm glad you posted this. That was an AMAZING episode. Not only a great performance by Zach Gilford, but by Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler & Aimee Teegarden as well. Tops all around.

  2. Jen, I agree about all the performances. It is such a shame that Kyle and Connie have always been overlooked at the Emmys for their brilliant portrayals of Eric and Tami. Maybe it's because they make it look effortless. I wish more people would watch this show!

    I'm hoping having the reruns on ABC Family this fall will open it up to a whole new audience.

  3. Without a doubt, the best hour of dramatic television I've seen this season. In a just world, the Guest Actor in a Drama Series category would not comply of only named actors because Zach Gilford gave a hell of a performance in this episode and with this arc closing in for Matt Saracen, my favorite FNL character is getting a great sendoff.