Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GOTHAM Singer Jaqueline Madden on VH1 Tonight

If you watched indie soap GOTHAM in its first season you heard the voice of Jaqueline Madden. Her "I Can't Let Go" was a popular song among the show's fans. Madden has been working with producer Martha Byrne and she's about to take another step in her career tonight. She'll be starring as one of nine "princesses" on a new VH1 reality show, YOU'RE CUT OFF!

Tonight's YOU'RE CUT OFF! premiere starts at 9 p.m. ET. Nine spoiled princesses receive the shock of their pampered lives when their fed-up families cut them off from their finances and enroll them into an eight-week rehabilitation program designed to transform their pampered ways. The women must adapt to their new environment that has no cooks, valets or cleaners and very little closet space. With the guidance of professional life coach Laura Baron, the girls begin their long journey toward independence by downsizing their belongings, cooking for themselves, and learning to live like the rest of America.

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