Thursday, June 10, 2010

CLASSIC CLIP: Louise Shaffer as EDGE's Serena/Josie

The fabulous Louise Shaffer played Serena Faraday on THE EDGE OF NIGHT for a year. Serena had a split personality, Josie, who would come out, leaving Serena with periods of time she couldn't remember.

In this shocking court case from 1976, Serena is being tried for murder and being questioned by Donald May's Adam. Shaffer is totally brilliant in these scenes.

- WLS Interview Archive: Louise Shaffer
- Nelson Aspen's Where Are They Now Tour: Louise Shaffer


  1. This was an amazing, *amazing* storyline, and I am glad that these two key episodes from April (I believe it was April?) of 1976 survive. Louise was absolutely brilliant in these scenes. I don't know if the late 1975 episode still exists when Serena/Josie first shot her husband, but that was also brilliantly done. Again, I thank WLS for keeping soap opera history alive for us to enjoy.

  2. I love your site out of all the soap websites. WLS always has interviews, old articles and old postings. I remember this on EON, I followed EON to ABC after CBS cancelled this fantastic daytime drama. Thank you for the clip and Louise has always been a wonderful actress. I didn't follow SFT to NBC because it never aired at the same time as EON.