Friday, June 18, 2010

Battle Raging Over Age Listings on IMDb

The Wrap is reporting that the Writers Guild wants IMDB to stop showing the age of celebrities on its website.

The Writers Guild of America is currently leading an effort to convince IMDB to allow people to wipe their age from the site, claiming that aging job seekers may have a more difficult time of finding work.

“The Guild has a contract with IMDb to provide credits information and does not release information on age,” a spokesperson for the WGA told TheWrap. “We have raised our concerns with IMDb about its listing of ages.”

Reps from other prominent guilds, including the Screen Actors Guild, have also approached IMDB, asking for the information to be optional only. According to them, non-movie stars in the business find less work as they age, given the industry’s youthful preference.


  1. So then people would go to Wikipedia or another online source rather than IMDb for the age listing.
    I understand the concern, but I don't think IMDb is to blame for actors not getting roles as they age.

  2. This is like blaming the NY Times for BP oil spill. It's the SYSTEM that is sick, not the source that reports it.