Sunday, May 30, 2010

WLS Interview Archive: Anna Stuart

I had the delightful opportunity recently to catch up with the gorgeous and phenomenally talented Anna Stuart.  I learned a lot about her 17 years on ANOTHER WORLD, as well as the passion and devotion she infuses into her work.  If you haven't seen them, please enjoy this series of interviews.

In Part One Ms. Stuart recalls anecdotes from her early years on soaps, her reluctance to do daytime, and pressures of temporarily replacing Maeve Kinkead on GUIDING LIGHT.  

In Part Two she reflects upon starting on ANOTHER WORLD, and how her own integrity, strength, and independence lent itself to bringing Donna Love to life.  

In Part Three we review her years at ANOTHER WORLD, including leaving and coming back, and working with three of the Marley/Vickys.

In Part Four we discuss more about the downfall of ANOTHER WORLD, and how she coped with change and challenges following it's cancellation.

In Part Five Anna discusses her experiences working on ALL MY CHILDREN, GOTHAM, thoughts about the future of soaps on the internet.

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