Monday, May 24, 2010

What Did You Think Of The LOST Series Finale?

I won't give away too much here, but you can weigh in on the LOST series finale in the comments. Did you love it or hate it or were you somewhere in between?

Here is a round-up of LOST finale stories:
- Was LOST ruined by its own fans?
- Told you so!: Purgatory camp was right all along
- An enormously entertaining finale
- A ratings disappointment: LOST finale watched by only 13.5M (3.4M tuned in to Jimmy Kimmel)
- If this is supposed to be a smart show, why a wimpy, phony, huggy-bear ending?
- It's supposed to polarize — the perfect encapsulation of a polarizing show
- Fans were set up for disappointment after months of overselling and over-promising
- Ending defied logic: Penny & Desmond weren't on plane!
- LOST series finale was terrific — if you weren't a hardcore Lostie
- It mattered, it moved, it achieved, it was epic, stirring, full of heart, commitment
- LOST reunion tour: We got emotional resolution, but not intellectual resolution
- 2 types of fans: Plot lovers hated it, those who cared about character loved it
- It was an emotionally cathartic sendoff
- A "Jacob's Ladder" ending
- It was disorienting because it told us what producers considered most important
- "I feel cheated": Whole finale was predictable, unremarkable
- LOST was the ultimate long-con, with a wretched final 15 minutes
- The finale was forced — and a cop-out
- Final minutes shouldn't ruin the series
- Deserves a B+: It's like Team Darlton pulled an all-nighter
- All the smooching and crying gave us satisfying emotional closure
- LOST at its best: emotional, funny, with focus on faith, hope, romance
- Final 10 minutes felt like "Punk'd" // It was almost a "Newhart" ending
- A series built on flashbacks ended on a cosmic collective flashback
- Watch Jimmy Kimmel's LOST alterante endings
- Target airs LOST-themed ads
- Matthew Fox and Jimmy Kimmel explain the finale
- YouTubers post reactions
- It was basically a "clip show" with interstitial action that was new
- Fittingly brilliant
- Pandered to high-brow tastes but failed to answer questions fans had invested in
- Ending made everything seem trivial, including the ending
- Marilyn Manson cries
- 10 reasons why finale was mind-blowing
- Explaining the ending
- Jack, Jesus-like?
- LOST proved to be overtly Christian
- But why did it come down to a Christian God?
- Bound to be unanswered questions
- Skipping over sci-fi logistics was right thing
- There were 2 possible reactons: "That was it?" Or: "That was it. Wow"
- "Mr. Eko" rejected finale
- LOST went from sci-fi to fantastical spiritualism
- What's next for LOST stars?
- 107 ads took up more than 45 minutes of time
- Australians outraged they have wait until Wednesday to watch the finale


  1. I enjoyed some of the moments in the episode but not the very end.

  2. I enjoyed it up until the last thirty minutes or so. As soon as I saw Jack's dad, I rolled my eyes.

  3. I thought that the LOST Series Finale was incredible,and I loved how all or most of all the characters came together in the church.It was very emotional,and there are still questions that aren't answered.But overall I think they did an amazing job with ending the show!

  4. The only thing I dislike that Sawyer and Kate didn't end up together.

  5. I kinda loved it. No, it didn't answer all questions -- and it certainly raised some more -- but for me, the show wasn't about the mysteries, it was about the characters. And the characters were well served, I thought. Loved the shot of Jack at the end, Vincent beside him as the few survivors flew off the island above, and him closing his eyes, a reverse mirror of the pilot's opening moments.

  6. eplin stole the words out of my mouth. Satisfied with the ending, but sad to see it go. For a series of its nature, the acting from the entire cast was incredible.

  7. What I got out of it (in a nut shell) was that the Island was real, they were alive on the Island, and the flash sideways world was purgatory, the castaways created that purgatory world. None of them could move on until all of them died (at various points of time in their lives.) The island was the most important time in each of the characters lives, and they couldn't move on until they were all reunited in purgatory. Jack was the last person in purgatory to realize that he was dead.

  8. I loved most of it. It was a pretty decent finale. I got alot of what I wanted, and after thinking about it for a while, I realized how much I really truely did love it. The mystery was what made LOST magical, and I think that if they solved all the mysteries it would ruin the magic.

    I also liked the fact, taht what happened on teh island actually happend. No purgetory or snowballs, it HAPPEND. It was alt!world that was limbo.