Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WE LOVE SOAPS TV 1.26 Gregori J. Martin Party

On Episode 1.26 of WE LOVE SOAPS TV, Stephen Seidel goes on location to My House Hollywood for the birthday party of actor/director Gregori J. Martin. Martin is currently in pre-production on a new indie soap, THE BAY, which will star Mary Beth Evans, Tristan Rogers, John Callahan and many other daytime favorites.

On the red carpet at the party, Seidel interviews Martin, Rogers (who teased a big REALITY BYTES announcement), Kate Linder, Sally Kirkland, Lisa Wilcox, John Littlefield and Nadine Stenovitch, Doug Jones, Phoebe Price, THE BAY stars Derrell Whitt and Kristos Andrews, and more.

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