Thursday, May 6, 2010

NEWS: Emeril, Digital, Generational Soaps, Live TV, Gary

CBS Orders Emeril Lagasse Cooking Game Show Pilot (To Replace 'ATWT'?)
CBS has ordered a pilot for a daytime cooking game show starring Emeril Lagasse. The untitled project, produced from FremantleMedia, will be filmed in front of a live audience and will feature members of the studio audience competing against each other for a prize in preparing a dish under the supervision of the famous TV chef. The pilot, based on an original concept, is eyed as a replacement for CBS’ departing daytime soap AS THE WORLD TURNS.

Pioneering script supervisor Robert Gary dies
Robert Gary, one of the first male script supervisors in Hollywood who worked shoulder to shoulder with some of the top directors of his day, died May 3 in his sleep at a nursing home in Los Angeles. He was 90. Among his TV credits were DYNASTY and FALCON CREST.

Jessica Walter joins cast of MAKE IT OR BREAK IT
Walter will play Lauren’s (Cassie Scerbo) grandmother in an upcoming episode of ABC Family’s gymnastics series.

Let's Get Digital - Creating Brands at Digital Hollywood
It was a very enthusiastic iPad-friendly crowd at Digital Hollywood's spring event this week at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica, CA. The theme throughout the past few days was the constant mention of branded content (the way soap detergents helped create the soap opera)
Devotion to soaps handed down across generations
If the plots of soap operas sometimes revolve around sins of the father visited upon their sons, the fandom of soap operas very much involves a daughter's or granddaughter's inheritance from the mother or grandmother.

How people really watch television
Although it is easier than ever to watch programs at a time and on a device of one’s choosing, and people expect to be able to do so, nearly all TV is nonetheless watched live on a television set. Even in British homes with a Sky+ box, which allows for easy recording of programs, almost 85% of television shows are viewed at the time the broadcasters see fit to air them.

Martinez gives keynote at Kennedy Center annual meeting
Motivational speaker J.R. Martinez of Dalton, Georgia, keynoted the annual meeting at the Bridgeport Holiday Inn on March 25. He has been the national spokesman for the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes and also plays Brot Monroe, a returning soldier, on the ABC daytime drama “All My Children.” He inspired others with his amazing story of resilience, perseverance and optimism after sustaining severe burn injuries as an infantryman with the United States Army in Iraq.



    Oh joy, what replaces ATWT may not be a game show, but a cooking show!

  2. I gotta be honest. I love cooking shows, the food network is my friend! But I cannot stand Emeril, just can't, I don't like what he cooks and he's to loud. Now if this was Bobby Flay or Guy, then it might be different. But didnt Emeril already have a network show? I hate anything replacing a soap (unless its another soap) but at least it takes actual talent to cook were as a remake of a game show, another "view" or judge show, really takes none.

  3. A cooking game show? Not a big Emeril fan.

  4. Crapfest afternoon, I have just ordered HBO, Showtime and skinimax; I'm done with CBS daytime.