Thursday, May 27, 2010

NEWS: SOAPnet, Vanessa Ray, Jon Lindstrom, Kylie

What does the end of SOAPnet mean for the ABC soaps?
Brian Frons: "We want the fans to know that we remain committed to ALL MY CHILDREN, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GENERLA HOSPITAL and that this in no way impacts their future. These soaps were on the air 30 to 40 years before SOAPnet came along and they will continue long after SOAPnet ends. This is not about SOAPnet doing badly. It’s about a bigger opportunity for the Disney Company.

"I think [all three ABC soaps] all doing a good job of making themselves contemporary and relevant. GH is in a terrific place right now. I love the youthful vitality of OLTL as we drive into the summer. And AMC is getting back to where it’s supposed to be, thanks to [new head writers] Donna Swajeski and Dave Kreizman and [executive producer] Julie Carruthers. I feel good about the future. AMC’s move to L.A. saved 20 percent on the budget and it looks better than ever. It’s not money that came off the screen. If we can continue to be that smart every day on all three soaps then there’s no reason they won’t survive far into the future."

INTERVIEW: ATWT's Vanessa Ray (Teri)
“When I got the soap, I remember thinking, ‘What Broadway show could I do and still do this [day] job?’ I was thinking Nessarose in Wicked. And I said to Ali [Case], ‘I could never do Hair because you’re on stage the entire time!’” Little did Ray know that she would soon be juggling the soap, Hair and a juicy prime-time part in Damages.

AS THE WORLD TURNS star Jon Lindstrom on the end of the show
"The atmosphere on the set is actually pretty good," he reports. "I don't think it's always been good; it's kind of gone back-and-forth from despair to excitement about the unknown. Now, I think everyone has just accepted that this is the way it's going and we don't have any choice, so let's just move on and make the most of it."

Kylie Minogue invited back to NEIGHBOURS
The show's executive producer Susan Bower told the official NEIGHBOURS website yesterday: "Kylie can arrive in a Mini, in a hot-air balloon or even parachute. Any way she desires, we would welcome her with open arms".

ABC affiliates want 10 p.m. hits
Some 175 stations were on hand at the ABC affiliates meeting this in Los Angeles, where they vowed to work with the network on such issues as keeping free, over-the-air TV viable, halting the migration of big-ticket sports to cable and filling the 10 p.m. with promising new shows.


  1. I do have to wonder about ABC's decision to morph SoapNet into Baby Disney, when it comes to the future for its shows like OLTL.

  2. Yeah, Brian - don't thank Lorraine Broderick, who managed to hoist AMC out of the cesspool it was drowning in. Nice!

  3. Lying sack of shit...we heard yesterday about ABC ditching OLTL and AMC...I am sick about losing the peple I have welcomed into my home for the last 30 years...get ready ABC/Disney for bars of soap to arrive.
    If I want to watch cooking shows, TRUST ME, I know where to find them. ABC DISNEY will have no place on my remotes after OLTL goes off should be reading all the smack being talked on Facebook Twitter and Yahoo Answers. ABC will be pretty much done