Friday, May 28, 2010


Analysis: Disney Junior a Promising New Kid on the Block
SOAPnet averaged 319,000 primetime viewers for first quarter 2010. The network had modest success with original series Being Erica, a Canadian production that was recently picked up for a third season by Canadian broadcaster CBC and SOAPnet. But its overall programming strategy has been to rely on re-runs of daytime soaps. Disney Junior is targeted to launch in 2012 in SOAPnet's 75 million homes. But the company will have to get multichannel operators to re-sign those license agreements.

See the new CORONATION STREET opening titles, courtesy of HerseyGoldie
The show is rolling out a new opening to coincide with its 50th anniversary and move to HD.

MTV picks up another UK teen remake: THE INBETWEENERS
THE INBETWEENERS, like SKINS, is a raunchy take on British teenagers that airs on UK channel E4. It's been described as Superbad meets FREAKS AND GEEKS.

Does GENERAL HOSPITAL's Teen Prison Rape Storyline Go Too Far?
"Criminal fathers, crazed stepmothers, and accidental murders make satisfying fodder for daytime soaps, but it seems that some television audiences still feel uncomfortable talking about prison rape, whether real or fictional."

INTERVIEW: ATWT's Van Hansis (Luke)
"The film, Occupant was absolutely incredible to be a part of, and the biggest learning experience of my life. It was such a different experience than doing theatre or a soap, and I loved it. This was my first film. I am thrilled to see what happens with it, because I believe in it. It was beautifully shot. The cinematography was stunning and it looks so beautiful, and that is weird to say for a horror film, even though it’s kind of more like a psychological thriller than a horror film. I play 'a guy', and I cannot say much more than that. It is an interesting script, and it’s creepy."

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  1. Something Disney isn't thinking about is a lot of people pay for a premium package (if you have satellite) for SoapNet they are not going to pay for Disney Jr there going to save that 20 dollars and watch the other 5-10 kids channels.