Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NEWS: Gibb, Archer, Aleksander, British Soap Awards

EMMERDALE leads BSA nominations
ITV's rural soap EMMERDALE has received the most shortlist nominations for this year's British Soap Awards. The shortlist comprises the standard 15 nominations per eligible UK soap - CORONATION STREET, DOCTORS, EASTENDERS, EMMERDALE and HOLLYOAKS - in the usual viewer-voted categories: 'Sexiest Male', 'Sexiest Female', 'Villain of the Year', 'Best Actor' and 'Best Actress'.

INTERVIEW: ATWT's Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid)
"The more varied gay people are represented on TV the better it is so you don’t have any stereotypes. I think that can only be helpful. When you’re stuck with only a few gay characters on TV and they’re not really that varied or diverse in their behavior, I don’t think that’s very helpful to the gay community as a whole."

Monmouth College writes about alum Helen Wagner
Wagner graduated from the school in 1938.

GRANT ALEKSANDER: Grant Aleksander Reflects
"It really makes me sad to think of all those things being auctioned off like so much anonymous junk. To those of us that worked on the show those things combined to create the physical world we inhabited for so long. And they changed you. You stood a little taller when you were in the Spaulding Study. Your shoulders relaxed and you breathed a little easier as you strolled into Company and slid into one of the booths or propped yourself up on a stool at the bar. When I came back to the show last year the first thing I did was to walk around the sets."

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Former SFT star Cynthia Gibb
After starring in feature films and television series, Westport native Cynthia Gibb has returned to her hometown to teach private voice and acting classes. Although Gibb continues to look for performing opportunities on the stage and screen, she decided that this would be the perfect time to pursue one of her lifelong dreams of teaching singing.

OLTL's Melissa Archer participated in Cancer Awareness Walk
Hundreds of pet owners and their dogs took part in the 2nd Annual East Coast Pet Cancer Awareness Walk on April 25. The 4-kilometer walk across the Brooklyn Bridge raised money for the Animal Cancer Foundation, while treating participants to breathtaking views of New York landmarks. Archer walked across the bridge with her dog Ginger.

UGLY BETTY's Michael Urie wins Lucille Lortel Award
Urie won in the Outstanding Lead Actor category for his work in "The Tempermentals."


  1. There were sets when Aleksander came back to GL?

  2. At CBS and Peapack. When they went to the new production model, they made all the sets at CBS Manhattan four-walled with ceilings. The first time I saw that I was really impressed. I'm not sure how many of the old props were incorporated into the four-walled sets.