Saturday, May 8, 2010

NEWS: FNL, Betty White Hosts SNL, Gaytime ATWT, BSAs

Miller confident about EMMERDALE's BSA chances
Speaking to Digital Spy about the British Soap Awards, Danny Miller commented: "I genuinely don't think that any other soap has improved as much as EMMERDALE has this year. It'd be nice to get some acknowledgement for the hard work we've put in, so yeah, I think we have a good chance. And it's incredible that we've managed to get nominations in every single category - we're the only soap that has. Hopefully we will win something this year. Eventually, it'll become a bit boring EastEnders and Coronation Street winning all the time. It's almost like we're extras!"

Latest Times Square bomb scares pre-empts ATWT in more ways than one
During the WCBS' 2pm news-update, anchor Dana Tyler's microphone was accidentally left on as the network went back into AS THE WORLD TURNS. A frustrated Tyler could be heard chuckling over the soap, communicating with producers, saying something to the effect of, "I don't really understand...That was like we did it with a tin can and some string."

BEST.WEEK.EVER: AS THE WORLD TURNS Remains Gaytime's Best Soap
The BEST.WEEK.EVER. website mentions ATWT's gay storyline, but incorrectly labels Luke and Reid as Luke and Noah.

Ginia Bellafante of the New York Times writes: "Does it seem like overstating things to say that FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, is the greatest television soap opera of all time? The series, which returned to NBC Friday night for its fourth season after an earlier run on DirecTV, whispers its heartaches and longings; it is melodrama that always manages to steer clear of feeling melodramatic. Often the show seems like a lesson in resilience to those members of its audience who are Eastern and privileged and lap it up. The people who live in the series’ fictional town of Dillon, Texas, never seem undone by the swelter of deprivation; they just go about the business of getting by."

Saturday White Live‎: Betty White hosts SNL tonight
At the tender age of 88, White finds herself in the midst of a pop-cultural renaissance that is stunningly out of step with our youth-obsessed times. It's a resurgence fuelled by hilarious film and TV roles, prestigious awards and a much talked-about Super Bowl commercial that ignited an impassioned Internet crusade to land her on SNL.

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