GOTHAM: Episode #13 Is Here - Nicole Miller Fashion Show

GOTHAM is back with an all new episode tonight. It looks like Nicole Miller's show was a big success. But did something happen that will change everything for Catherine (Martha Byrne)? Find out below.

GOTHAM is going on hiatus after tonight's episode. In the meantime, catch up on the first 13.


  1. What happened to Richard's mother?

  2. It looks like Anna's character might have had a stroke.

    I think that it's good for Gotham to take a break. The show needs to refocus and rethink its storytelling.
    The show has made a lot of progress but it moves too slowly given the length of each episode. There's no pull or momentum that demands viewers to come back for the next episode.

    The best online shows that I've seen have been serialized to have cliff hangers. Buppies did an excellent job of that. Each 3 to 4 minutes of Buppies was exciting, funny, heart wrenching, or scandalous, or a combination of all those.

    I can't say the same for Gotham. This episode spent too much time on the Nicole Miller fashion show and not on characters. This would never have aired on TV in daytime or primetime in 1989 or 2010.

    I applaud the efforts of the Gotham team but they did to reboot this show or move on to another project based on the insights and skill that they've gained. We have to be objective and look at the viewership number that started at 20,000 for the first episode to the several hundred viewers for the most recent ones.

    Gotham has got to focus on a smaller number of cast members. It's great to see so many soap vets but is the large number adding anything? Think Brothers and Sisters. A core group of 5 or 6 people around whom a story revolves.

    At this point, other than Catherine and Richard, do we have that much knowledge of the other characters? Are we invested in them? Thirteen episode into Gotham, do we have a villain? Do we have a love triangle?