We Love Soaps Mourns Gary Coleman

We Love Soaps has tragically learned of the death of Mr. Gary Coleman.  Although he only had one soap appearance (he played a hit-and-run victim in Dr. Miles Cavanaugh's clinic on THE EDGE OF NIGHT), his role as Arnold Drummond on NBC's DIFF'RENT STROKES touched an entire generation and gave young people like myself a role model of an "outsider" who managed to live and love successfully.  Seeing Arnold struggle and manage to fit into a world unfamiliar to him was similar to the plights of many daytime characters.  We rooted for him, cried with him, and celebrated in his triumphs.

Throughout his adult life, Mr. Coleman was plagued with medical problems, relationship difficulties, and public outbursts, all which were documented ruthlessly by several media outlets.  Yet Mr. Coleman managed to rise above negative publicity, and even condoned a satire/tribute of his persona in Broadway's "Avenue Q." His humor, resiliency, and battle with inner struggles will continue to inspire millions across the world, and future generations to come.

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  1. I believe DAYS' Mark Hapka was in a film with Gary Coleman a year or two ago.

    I'm sorry to hear of his passing. When I was growing up my parents weren't big sitcom fans so I watched most of my favorite sitcoms on my own. But they loved Arnold on Diff'rent Strokes. He made a big impact and his fans won't ever forget him.

  2. He had a hard life; two kidney transplants, dialysis, parents stole from him. I pray he is resting peacefully in the hands of our Father in Heaven.