Monday, May 3, 2010

FLASHBACK: WORLD's Cast Speaks Out 1972

'World's' cast speaks out

Rock Hill Herald
March 9, 1972

Four charter members of AS THE WORLD TURNS, still playing the roles they created 15 years ago, are: Don MacLaughlin as Chris Hughes, Helen Wagner as Nancy Hughes, Santos Ortega as Grandpa Hughes, and William Johnstone as Judge Lowell.

The highest-rating daytime drama goes out live to millions of viewers Monday through Friday.

Helen Wagner says of her role, "Nancy tries to make the family a unit, keeping avenues of communication open, even in disputes. But she does tell people too much what to do. One learns from her good traits and her faults..."

Is Miss Wagner as organized in her own home as on TV as an exemplary housewife?

"I'm pretty well organized, but not as infallible as the Nancy Hughes character. I think the domestic efficiency may be part of her appeal.

"I believe many women have respect and love for housekeeping, but the drudgery of housework is so much the popular attitude in the press and other media of communication, that the idea of being a very intelligent, capable human being, if you're ONLY a housewife, comes as a real solace to happy housewives. But this attitude really should be part of Women's Lib.

"I do a great deal of yard work, all my own housework and laundry, and yoga to keep myself limber."

Miss Wagner believes the most important factors in an acting career are respect for other people, keeping a perspective on the aim of one's job, and not letting the ego take over.

"Pride is a big stumbling block to any progress and completely unnecessary...self esteem, yes, but pride...get rid of it," she said.

Don MacLaughlin, Nancy's TV husband, said, "In my role as head of the Hughes household, I point up understanding and tolerance for others (including our own children), while maintaining firm convictions in one's own beliefs."

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