Monday, May 3, 2010

CLASSIC PHOTO: The Citizens of Oakdale

This classic photo features the late Helen Wagner and many of the citizens who made Oakdale great over the years. Can you name them all?


  1. Alrighty, let's see (left to right)...

    1. William Johnstone as Judge Lowell
    2. Patricia Bruder as Ellen Lowell Stewart
    3. Henderson Forsythe as David Stewart
    4. The kids are difficult, but I'm assuming that it's some configuration of Annie, Emily, Betsy, Dee (with, possibly, Chuckie since one looks like a boy?)
    5. Liz Talbot Stewart (although I'm not sure which actress)
    6. seated looks like Helen Wagner as Nancy Hughes
    7. behind her is, presumably, Michael Shea (although the actor's name escapes me)
    8. next to him is Ethel Remy (sp?) as Alma Miller
    9. Don MacLaughlin as Chris Hughes
    10. I can't clearly see who's behind him, but I'm thinking it's Santos Ortega as Pa Hughes
    11. Don Hastings as Bob Hughes
    12. Eileen Fulton as Lisa Hughes Shea
    13. looks like Peter Galman as Tom Hughes

  2. Someone posted and may have made guesses, but I'm not looking at their post until afteward and am going to make my guesses first. (From l to r) William Johnstone (Judge Lowell), Patricia Bruder (Ellen Stewart), (unidentified child), Henderson Forsythe (David Stewart), (unidentified children), unidentified woman (Liz Talbot?), unidentified man (Dan Stewart?), Miss Helen Wagner (Nancy Hughes), Ethel Remey (Alma Miller), Don MacLaughlin (Chris Hughes) Santos Ortega (Fred 'Pa' Hughes), Don Hastings (Bob Hughes), Eileen Fulton (Lisa Miller Hughes), and James Douglas (Grant Colman).

    How'd I do (excepting my "unknowns")? :-) And I'm guessing this photo is from 1969-1971?

    RIP Helen Wagner.

  3. Liz Stewart was played by Jane House. I would assume the other children are Emily and Chuckie, as someone else posted. Love Patricia Bruder/Ellen Stewart - who needs to come back for a final scene with her family. She was kind enough to invite me to the set during the Whit McColl murder trial in 1984 - simply because I knew her Houston in-laws. She was so kind and we corresponded for many years.

  4. Okay, here we go & between everyone's posts, we're almost there:

    1. William Johnstone (Judge Lowell)
    2. Patricia Bruder (Ellen Stewart)
    3. Kids: Has to be Dawn & Carol Ann Stewart as they were referred to then; when they were adults, their nicknames became Dee & Annie -- the boy is Chuckie Shea
    4. Jane House (Liz Stewart)
    5. Dean Santoro (Dr. Paul Stewart)
    6. Helen Wagner (Nancy Hughes)
    7. Ethel Remey (Alma Miller)
    8. Don MacLaughlin (Chris Hughes)
    9. Santos Ortega (Grandpa Hughes)
    10. Don Hastings (Dr. Bob Hughes)
    11. Eileen Fulton (Lisa Shea)
    12. Peter Galman (Tom Hughes)

    What memories this photo brought back on this especially sad day knowing of the passing of the lovely Helen Wagner.

    Thank you guys for the tributes & photos you've posted here for the ATWT fans.


  5. I bet you are right about the girls being Dawn and Carol Ann. Also, about Dean Santoro. Betsy would have been an infant around this time, so the little girls are too old in the photo to be her. Great to see a "later" photo of the Hughes living room. I wonder when the last time it was shown? I remember an late 70's scene in the Hughes dining room, and an early 80's scene in the Hughes kitchen with Lisa and Nancy talking about Grant who had moved accross the street from the Hughes when Lisa was trying to get him back from the manipulative Joyce...

  6. A surprised actress Rita Walters
    who played Carol Hughes was not in the
    Carol was one of Tom Hughes Wives

  7. Dawn Stewart (the girl holding the cup) was being played by Simone Schachter (now Simone Levinson).

    Here is an article about Simone:

    Here is Simone's IMDB listing:

    Simone's mother, Suzanne Schachter, the president of Suzelle Enterprises in NYC, is a good friend of mine.

    I E-mailed the photo to Suzanne and she confirmed that it's her daughter.

    However, she thinks that Simone did the show around 1969-70 and that 1972-73 in the IMDB listing is in error.