Sunday, April 11, 2010

WINNERS: 2nd Annual Streamy Awards

The 2nd Annual Streamy Awards are currently being broadcast around the web and the winners are coming in. Here are the soap-related winners.

Best Male Actor in a Drama Web Series
Mark Gantt, THE BANNEN WAY (Indie Soap Award winner Craig Frank was also nominated)

Best Directing for a Drama Web Series
Jesse Warren, THE BANNEN WAY (ANYONE BUT ME & COMPULSIONS also nominated)

Best Writing for a Drama Web Series
Bernie Su, COMPULSIONS (ANYONE BUT ME also nominated)

Best Drama Web Series

Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series
Rachael Hip-Flores, ANYONE BUT ME (Crystal Chappell and Tatyana Ali also nominated; Flores also won Lead Actress Indie Soap Award)

Al Thompson, creator and star of LENOX AVENUE has presented.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. Compulsions was way too dark for me. i wish Anyone But Me had won!

  2. We nominated them both for the Indie Soap Award for Best Writing but awarded to ANYONE BUT ME.

  3. Well I'm with you guys. I'm not saying Compulsions wasn't well written but it was just too hard to watch. I like drama, romance and a little humor. I felt compulsions was just relentlessly brutal.

  4. I'm happy for Rachael. i love Anyone But Me but I was pulling for Crystal - she is my all time favorite actor. No one can move me like CC!

  5. I was pulling for Rachael for this one. The award is for 2009 and VENICE had only aired three episodes by Dec. 31 and Rachael had more shows that aired. Crystal will have a lot of material to submit for 2010 with the rest of Season 1 and then Season 2.

  6. Roger, thanks for explaining that it was for 2009. I like Rachel H. Flores, but I really enjoy the acting done by Crystal Chappell.

  7. I didn't realize only the first 3 episodes of Venice were eligible but i think that means Venice has very little chance to win best drama. The last half of Season 1 was so much better than the first. Which makes me really look forward to Season 2 especially with Jeff Branson now on board.

  8. If you'll recall, VENICE released the third episode on Dec. 31 instead of that Friday. If they hadn't done that, they wouldn't have been eligible for Streamys. THE BANNEN WAY released five shows a week early to become eligible. They weren't supposed to premiere until January.