Saturday, April 10, 2010

NEWS: DH Set, ATWT Replacement, Internet vs. TV

Study: More people would rather surf the Web than watch TV
Edison Media Research surveyed 1,753 people, and found 49% preferring the Internet and 48% who would rather watch television.

Claim: Marc Cherry "hates women" and throws "hissy fits" on DESPERATE set
If you are a women on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, you will be marginalized and demeaned, according to the Daily Beast. "He hates women," said one person who has worked on set. "It's apparent on set that he's a fan of cute, gay men, not women." Says another: "He is very confrontational in this way. He has hissy fits."

Lynn Liccardo: Not Your Mother's Soap Opera
Liccardo shares the paper she presented at the recent Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association conference in St. Louis, MO.

CBS has ordered a pilot for PYRAMID, the game show that made winning $10,000 exciting. The network hopes the game show will replace AS THE WORLD TURNS, which will stop turning in September. This show was one of the game shows in the running to replace GUIDING LIGHT as well. In addition to PYRAMID, which is looking for a host, CBS will probably order at least one more game show pilot (probably PASSWORD) in consideration for the ATWT time slot.

Ricky Paull Goldin's TLC show premieres May 2
Check out the website for the show which attempts to explain the unexplainable.

DAYS star Eric Martsolf guests on 2 HOT GUYS IN THE SHOWER
The web series released the Martsolf episode this week.


  1. CBS should expand B&B to an hour, then have a half-hour Pyramid.
    Let's see - which one of the guys from Whose Line Is It Anyway doesn't have a CBS game show yet?
    Must be Ryan Stiles' turn now.

  2. CBS must have no interest in younger viewers? They've been considering recycled game shows for years. You would think they would try to create something new. And I agree about half-hour for the show. An hour is way too much. Actually, for me, anything is too much but they're going there regardless.