Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lauralee Bell Responds to Webby Recognition

Lauralee Bell's FAMILY DINNER was chosen as an Official Honoree for the 14th Annual Webby Awards on Tuesday. When We Love Soaps spoke with Bell in September 2009, she mentioned possibly winning a Webby someday: "Our big joke is, 'The Golden Webby goes to... FAMILY DINNER.' Everyone says, 'There's Emmys and everything in your family, what's going on?' And I say, 'Maybe I'll be the first Bell to win a Webby.' This year there was almost as big of a celebrity turnout for the Webbys as the Emmys."

Responding to the show's Webby recontion, Bell says, "For our first collaboration, we got to work with old friends and some very talented new friends and Scott and I are very excited to be in the same category as the other Honorees. We thank you for your help and support and know that you are a big part of the success of FAMILY DINNER. We're hoping to provide more family time soon, even if it is a severely dysfunctional family."

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