Thursday, April 8, 2010

HOT STORIES: BETTY's Justin Comes Out To His Family

UGLY BETTY's Justin Suarez came out to his family on last night's next to last episode. He actually just revealed what they already knew when he slow danced with his classmate Austin at Hilda's wedding reception. The way the show has handled the Justin character since day one has been refreshing, wonderful and inspiring. Stories like this can do more good in the world than many network executives realize. Check out this hot (and sweet) story below.


  1. Well how darn cute was that. Totally agree that it was it handled so well. I find myself singing "I want a love that will last" too :-) Thanks for the upload. Since we are behind in the episodes her in Ireland, I'm going to have to go off and find the rest of the episode now. Thanks for upload.

  2. This final season has been really wonderful. There was nothing like this Justin story on TV when I was a kid. It would have been hugely helpful. I have been trying to avoid UB finale spoilers but I believe they are in the UK next week for it.

  3. Roger thank you for this. I was crying so much after last night's episode of U.B. This show had at least another if not two seasons in it. I will give them credit for really bringing it all together and exiting as a class act.

    The episode had so much to offer. A very realistic closure for Betty & Henry. Daniel's realization. Judith Light who really should be back on screen in a lead role next season. But it was Justin's coming out that really stole the show. All the variations of Betty La Fea have been a hit all around the world because of it's theme, Beauty comes from within. Love yourself. Does not matter if your gay or straight, we are all human beings and we have the same wants and needs as everyone else. It can be something as simple as being able to dance with the person that you love at a family event.

    Thanks to the cast and crew of U.B. for four year of laughs and tears.

  4. This was a tremendous episode. Loved the whole Suarez family - their love for Justin and for each other. Also loved Hilda kissing Marc and thanking him for helping Justin.