Monday, April 5, 2010

HOT STORIES: ATWT's Bob & Kim Celebrate 25 Years

It took 13 years, which included marriages to other people, before Bob and Kim finally got married on AS THE WORLD TURNS in 1985. Chris was born a year later. The past few episodes, which coincided with ATWT's 54th anniversary, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary (although as it turns out they were "living in sin for 25 years" per Lisa). These shows consisted of longtime favorites, flashbacks, and even a very brief Julianne Moore cameo at the end of Monday's episode. Catch up on the best AS THE WORLD TURNS and daytime has to offer in 2010 in this hot story below.


  1. Good Stuff.

    Now, THIS is the ATWT that I can vividly remember when I watched the show with my grandmother so long ago. I got chills, clapped like a happy seal and smiled when I saw those earlier clips of Bob/Kim and even Bob/Lisa (way before I was even born).

    Bob was paired up with two strong, feisty and determined women, who were completely different in who they were and what they wanted, but they each appealed to him in their own special way.

    Barbara was right, when she said that Kim IS the love of Bob's life. They got married when they were in their 40's and they were THE couple of the show. In this day and age, that's a rarity for a couple/pairing to be that well aged and still be considered hot and appealing, especially on fictional drama.

    I'm not sure who ATWT let out of the cage in order to write this episode, but Bravo to them.

  2. For me, when you're writing for characters with such a rich history it's easy to create days like this. It's all based on human emotion. Sure, it was rushed, but no microchips in sight. It felt like ATWT because Nancy, Bob, Lisa, Kim, Susan, Barbara ARE ATWT, and have been for decades.

    The preview for Tuesday was a little discouraging though knowing we're going back to the same stories with none of these characters involved.

  3. Could not have loved it more.

  4. Boy the I love the 80's it was the best of times. When I started watching ATWT was when the space shuttle Challenger explosion, I was working for my aunt catering business in Florida we had the TV on for that, but had a bad feeling I thought the shuttle shouldn't go off it was below freezing, being from Kansas know what cold does to machines especially ones that aren't use to it. Now there are only 3 more launches left. Losing ATWT and the shuttle are really bitter sweet.


  5. The preview for Tuesday was a little discouraging though knowing we're going back to the same stories with none of these characters involved.

    Please, unless it's an episode that features the those characters,
    I'm not going to watch another episode, until the final week that ATWT is on the air OR until I get verification that the Brian Wheatley character is coming back to the show.

    That's just how I roll.

  6. Awesome show! As a devoted second generation fan, you could see the emotion from the veteran cast. There was so much meaning in the dialog from the writers. This type of history and delivery is not found anywhere else, daytime or primetime. So glad that the powers that be are maintaing the high quality of writing, directing and acting we fans have enjoyed for 5 decades! Long live Oakdale !

  7. This proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that this show never truly recovered from the loss of Doug Marland. Doug Marland was not afraid to dig back into character histories to create interesting *character-driven* stories. The affair that Bob and Susan had while Kim and John were trying to help Andy is still one of the greatest stories Marland ever told.

  8. Roger, I had the same reaction about the preview for today. We had two really, really good episodes with many of the veterans, and now it is back to the regular nonsense. It almost seemed like the show should have ended with Kim and Bob re-marrying, surrounded by the characters we, the audience, love.

  9. It was such a nice couple of episodes showing exactly what this show is capable of doing with its history like no other soap can.

    And of course, onto today's episode (4/6) where it's back to a hot mess. All the things I love (loved?) about this show is dissolving or non-existent. Even characters I adore outside of the veterans are not themselves anymore. Sigh, Luke Snyder... how I used to love you.