Happy 54th Anniversary AS THE WORLD TURNS!

AS THE WORLD TURNS debuted on April 2, 1956 (the same day as THE EDGE OF NIGHT). The show will celebrate its 54th and final anniversary today and Monday with the party to celebrate Bob and Kim's silver wedding anniversary. If Thursday's excellent episode of ATWT wasn't enough to get you in the mood to celebrate, watch Bob and Kim's wedding from 1985 below.

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  1. ATWT will be forever in my heart, it was like a convert show knowing it will always be there. Networks seam to have forgotten that soap fans deeply involved in them, know the characters more then their own families. Loosing ATWT & GL are like a death in the family. I'm glad they've kept Bob in Kim on the front burner, ATWT has kept their vets in the story.