Friday, April 30, 2010

Defunct Soap Opera Spawns Indie Film Company

Members of the cast and production staff from cancelled soap opera GUIDING LIGHT have formed 9after7 Productions. The independent production company announces the roll-out of its first project, a straight to DVD film entitled La Lumiere.

New York, NY - April 30, 2010 — GUIDING LIGHT viewers need no longer mourn the loss of their favorite stars. Earlier this year a group of talented cast and production members from the show, led by Fiona Hutchison and Tina Sloan, came together to form 9after7 Productions.

The company’s goal is to create films, television programming and web content tailored to their loyal GL fans and soap opera viewers worldwide. “We have an opportunity to create original entertainment and give it directly to the fans. They have been the bread and butter of daytime for over fifty years and should not be forgotten,” said Hutchison.

The company has decided to take a novel approach in marketing its first project. 9after7 Productions is going straight to the consumer. By offering a Limited Edition DVD of La Lumiere, they plan to raise enough capital to cover the costs of the production and create seed money for a follow-up.

“We’re very excited to go forward with our first venture,” said Sloan. “And we’re depending on both our wonderfully loyal fans, and the entire daytime community to support our project. This is an opportunity for soap viewers to make their voices heard. What we intend," added Sloan, "is to create a new kind of light.”

“La Lumiere” available for pre-order on May 1st at


  1. Great story! Terrible headline!

    Come on, guys, the headline should pull people in and inform them. The headline should have been "ex-GL Cast and Crew Create New Film Company!"

    "Defunct" might be accurate but it's ugly and is generic with no connection to GL."

    Search engines need better, more informative titles to connect content with subjects easily.

  2. We published the press release just as it was sent to us, headline included. We'll have follow up interviews with those involved in the coming days.