Sunday, April 18, 2010

AS THE WORLD TURNS Fan Club Weekend Recap

AS THE WORLD TURNS recently celebrated 54 years on the air. This weekend, the show's fan club held its annual event. Several other events took place as well. Here's a rundown:

Eileen Fulton's Cabaret
Ms. Fulton performed three shows and was as fabulous as always. One of the songs she did was a restrospective of the character of Lisa over the past 50 years, including slides and all the sexiness, drama and humor that is Lisa and Eileen. I hope the special episode of ATWT celebrating Lisa's 50th is even half this good. Original cast member Rosemary Prinz (Penny) attended the Sunday performance.

The ATWT Fan Club Luncheon
A couple of cast members signed autographs early, some did not attend, but many were there including some former favorites. The ballroom was packed with double the fans as last year. After the cast was introduced, actors were put in groups of 2 or 3 at tables to sign autographs and take pictures with fans.

Hosts for the cast introduction: Trent Dawson & Ellen Dolan

Classiest move: Colleen Zenk Pinter giving Eileen Fulton flowers when she was announced to the crowd.

Longest line: Van Hansis, Jake Silberman & Eric Sheffer Stevens.

Sexiest outfit: Lesli Kay.

Dressed most unlike their character: Julie Pinson is always classy and elegant versus Janet's low cleavage outfits.

Most missed: Helen Wagner and Don Hastings.

Best returns: Always wonderful to see Peter Parros and Lauren B. Martin.

Cutest kids: All of them. But Bailey Harkins (Johnny) is even more adorable in person.

Stroke of luck: Tom Pelphrey was in attendance on the name he showed up on the 50 Greatest Soap Actor list. So I got to show him that.

Catching up to me: When I first met Mick Hazen he was nowhere near as tall as my 6'5" frame. But with each passing year, he gets closer and closer! He'll be off to college in the fall of 2011. They grow up fast! Classy kid from a classy family.

Martinis with Henry
There was nothing but good stories coming out of this annual Trent Dawson post-luncheon event when I ran into attendees later in the evening. Anne Sayre, Colleen Zenk Pinter, Austin Peck (who had to leave the luncheon earlier for a matinee performance of "The Irish Curse"), Ben Levin, Sarah Wilson, Valentina de Angelis, Eric Sheffer Stevens, Terri Colombino, Marnie Schulenburg, Tom Pelphrey, Marie Wilson, Ewa Da Cruz, Todd Rotondi and Jon Prescott were among the ATWT attendees.

Reserved for Rondee
Billy Magnussen's latest band rocked Sullivan Hall on Saturday evening. His former ATWT brother, Tom Degnan (Adam), is also in the group, along with Cody Horn and Warren Hems. I spoke with Magnussen after the show and he's loving the new group and the music they are producing.

Held at Vig27, the annual fan event dedicated to Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann's characters was bigger than ever. Both actors gave lovely speeches to the fans thanking them for their support. Hansis declared this has been on of the best chapters of their lives. Both actors believed they would have never made past the initial three months of planned story if it had not been for fan support.


  1. Sounds wonderful. Wish I'd been there. Kudos to ATWT cast and fans.

  2. I called the ATWT hotline, there sill staying their looking for a home. I know not to get my hopes up.
    These number can speak to a live person. Tell them to give ATWT a decent ending.
    212-975-4321–CBS Network
    212-474-5888–TeleNext Media
    513-983-1100-Procter & Gamble
    866-695-1860-Telenext Media

  3. This is the ATWT Live Hotline

  4. All the actors were very nice and
    down to earth. I had a great time!.
    The only thing was the lines were so long you couldn't get to all the
    actors. They should have been called by tables like 1-10 and so on and it may have worked better.
    Certain actors either left early or
    didn't come at all so that sucked!.
    I didn't get one of the ones I mainly came for which was Van Hansis, his line was a 2 hr wait!.
    Michael Park signed before the luncheon and was so nice and handsome that the long wait was worth it!.

  5. I wanted an autograph from Van Hansis.