Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ABC Developing Daytime Show For Tori Spelling

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that ABC is creating a daytime talk show for Spelling and a co-host to be determined.

The program, which is in the very early stages of development, would feature Spelling and a male co-host who would basically serve as Spelling's best friend forever. The network is looking for a WILL & GRACE vibe between Spelling and her as-yet-undiscovered BFF. Who knows, maybe finding a co-host can be its own reality show for Spelling.

Of course, it is a long road from development to an actual show. But news that ABC may be looking to create another daytime talker will certainly raise eyebrows.

If ABC is going to launch another hour-long show, it will have to get that time from its affiliates. One possibility could be late afternoon, where many ABC stations will likely have a hole to fill next fall when Oprah Winfrey departs to cable. However, getting the ABC affiliates to give an hour back to the network may prove to be a challenge. Even the ABC-owned stations may resist such a request because many are planning to replace Winfrey with another hour of local news.

Another scenario is that one of its current daytime shows is, uh, going away. We're pretty sure THE VIEW is staying put, so that leaves one of the soaps as potentially heading to the exit. But don't panic yet, soap fans, there is no guarantee that the Spelling show will get off the ground. ABC could also try to sell it to a cable network or syndicate it to local television stations.


  1. Tori Spelling? Instead of a soap?


  2. I'd watch. She's far more entertaining than anything ABC Daytime has produced in the last decade.

  3. Seriously Tori Spelling is relevant? What would she have to bring to viewers I mean she has a reality show that nobody watches, she was ok on 90210 but that was years ago why would they try to replace a long standing soap with someone who isnt current, what about Chelsea Lately? Heck what about Rosie somebody interesting at least.

  4. Good grief. I love Tori, but don't think a Tori/BFF talk show is a valid replacement for OLTL. I mean - they don't want the gays to be watching that timeslot, so why put Tori on there????
    That said - too bad Zach Quinto is StarTrek famous now, because he and Tori have great BFF chemistry.