Wednesday, April 21, 2010

12 Days of EMPIRE: Lise Fisher Interview

Lise Fisher will be playing Rachel Stone on Season Two of the indie soap EMPIRE. As part of the We Love Soaps "12 Days of EMPIRE" countdown leading up to the April 27 Season Two premiere, today's feature is an interview with the actress conducted at the first read-through of the script earlier this year.

On EMPIRE, Rachel is a little burnt out as the office manager at Empire. Frankly, she's sick of all things Haven. Rachel can be a little off-putting when you first meet her, due to her sharp wit and sarcastic tongue, but underneath all that sarcasm and sass lies a big heart.

We Love Soaps: Tell us about Rachel.
Lise Fisher: She is under the impression that she is holding Empire together.  She feels underappreciated. She has a big chip on her shoulder.  She’s pissed off that no one seems to recognize her.  She feels everyone sees her as a human answering machine or a robot. 

We Love Soaps: But how does she herself?
Lise Fisher: I see [Rachel] as someone holding it all together.  I should be paid more, respected more, and get a better job.  Hence I get pissed off when Katherine seems to be rising through.  That’s been my take so far. 

We Love Soaps: She’s resentful, yet hysterically funny. 
Lise Fisher: Thank you!

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