Sunday, April 18, 2010

12 Days of EMPIRE: Harlan J. Strauss Interview

Harlan J Strauss plays Irving Reed on the indie soap EMPIRE. As part of the We Love Soaps "12 Days of EMPIRE" countdown leading up to the April 27 Season Two premiere, today's feature is an interview with the actor conducted at the first read-through of the script earlier this year.

On EMPIRE, Irving and Cubbie met in college. They were friends and rivals instantly and that relationship continues today. Irving is ruthless in his career as a high powered attorney. He is currently married to his second wife, a young former stripper named Kinky.

We Love Soaps: As the Haven family attorney, Irving must keep awfully busy.
Harlan J. Strauss: I’ve gotten these guys out of a lot of trouble.  But it’s always questionable which side of the fence I’m on.  Who are my buddies, who are my enemies?  I’m a mean son-of-a-bitch.

We Love Soaps: There is a lot of litigation, given all the people dying and coming back from the dead.
Harlan J. Strauss: There’s much potential there.  I am a small person, and they keep me busy in the firm... and on the golf course.

We Love Soaps: What can we look forward to as far as the legal complications for the Havens in Season Two? Will Irving be kept busy?
Harlan J. Strauss: He’ll have much more [to do] than the previous season.  I get a nice, young beautiful wife.  I’ll get more mixed up with some elements of the family, and some dirty games. 

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