We Love Soaps NCAA Tournament Standings

The NCAA Tournament field is down to the Final Four and there is only one #1 seed left - Duke. Luckily for me, I picked Duke to win it all. And they will have to for my horrible bracket to have a shot.

Here are the standings as of today (rank/team/points/national champ):
1 babslet1 820 (Michigan State)
2 ascinta_2010 670 (West Virginia)
3 telep3 600 (Ohio State)
4 Roger Newcomb 580 (Duke)
5 As the World B. Free 530 (Syracuse)
6 poetlau1 1 480 (Kansas)
7 kathowie 440 (Kansas)
8 tracyj516 430 (Kansas)
9 jbrr1212 420 (Kansas)

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