Original Bible: AS THE EARTH TURNS, Part 1

Courtesy of Emmy winner Martha Byrne, who found this amazing document in her parent's basement when they were moving, comes the original story bible for AS THE WORLD TURNS written in 1955, then referred to as AS THE EARTH TURNS. To whoever decided to give 15-year-old Byrne this document in the '80s - thank you!

"AS THE EARTH TURNS", somewhere in this world the light of dawn breaks thru the darkness of night. As the earth turns somewhere in this world the sun dips into the distant horizon before the oncoming shadows of evening. As the earth turns, we know the bleakness of winter, the promise of spring, the fulness of summer, and the harvest of autumn. As the earth turns the cycle of life is completed.

What is true of the earth, nature is true also of man. He too has his cycle, as the earth turns.

From the time man's experiences were first recorded on stone, there has always been the seed of what we today call the family. Man, knowingly or unknowingly, thru the many stages, growth if you will, of civilization, has attempted time and again to solidify the family unit. Today, against the backdrop of an atomic age, of the hydrogen bomb, there is a great threat to all of us; not the threat of physical annihilation, but the destruction of that something which has made us feel secure, a security that has always found its beginning in the home, the family. Here in one form or is the great object of life.

It would almost ludicrous to attempt to make any comparison between the families of a generation, two generations ago and the generation of today. The world has seen many changes and undoubtedly will witness more, and as the earth turns in our lives, with the coming morning and the advent of night, you and I of necessity must cope with the problems of today. This is true of people in every community in the world.

There is no more poignant drama enacted anywhere than behind teh closed doors of a home.


As the title "AS THE EARTH TURNS" is limitless in scope, so will the selection and inclusion of characters be limitless. There will not be any one lead character thruout the life of the drama. This will be the story of a family, not exclusively any individual number thereof, but of the whole family, their relationships with each other and the world outside.

Let us for the moment walk down a street of an ordinary suburban family. It is more than obvious that many of the homes were designed by the same architect. Yes, there is somewhat of a sameness in design, construction, and if you walked up to the steps, and could without being seen open the doors to many of these homes, you would find that they all housed families. This is not only true of the homes on Oakdale Avenue, this is true of every community the world over.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Typos in the bible have been kept in their orignial form. Come back on Monday as we begin revealing the original character breakdowns for AS THE EARTH TURNS.


  1. That is so cool. Wow, Bible-format has changed this the 50s haha

  2. wow this is a great piece of nostalgia. great time to share this too with the anniversary of the show coming up on the 2nd :)