NEWS ROUNDUP: Anthony Geary, Y&R Casting, Ambra, CW, 'ENDERS

Y&R casting African American actress
A Y&R casting call has gone out for "Simone," described as a "fun, breakout role." The character description says: She should be an ample-figured African-American female in her mid-30s. She will be sharp, sassy and bold, street-smart and unafraid of confrontation. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and does not suffer fools gladly. She dresses like she is going to a ball. She loves herself and knows she is "all that." The role is contract and will start around late-April.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Dear Y&R casting, Tichina Arnold has been the obvious choice for a while now. Call her!

SURVIVOR'S James Clement wants to be on Y&R
"I wanna be on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. That would be funny. I love that show! It's be nice, whatever. I just wanna have more fun. I'll just be in the background."

INTERVIEW: GH's Anthony Geary (Luke)
"It is difficult to express what Gloria [Monty] meant to me. She was the guardian angel of my career. She taught me to believe in myself as an actor in a profound way. She expanded my limited vision of myself as a supporting player, by giving me a role that embodied all the elements of the outsider that I identified with while employing elements of the classic leading man that I thought were beyond me. She created a true anti-hero and placed him at the center of her show. She literally handed me a lifetime of work in the form of one character.

"I came from the stage and had been a regular on two soap operas, BRIGHT PROMISE and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, so I was in my element. Ms Monty and I were comfortable with each other immediately. To say we 'hit if off' would be a gross understatement."

Ronnie Marmo receives Robert Pastorelli Rising Star Award
Marmo said when he first went to Hollywood, with only 68 cents in his pocket, he had hoped to make one movie that his friends could rent at the local video store. His credits now include actor, writer, director and producer for the big screen, stage and television. He has been playing Ronnie DiMestico, an undercover cop on GENERAL HOSPITAL since July.

Another plot twist coming in the saga of EASTENDERS' Christian & Syed
The storyline will reportedly come to a head at the end of next month, with Amira finding out about her husband's sexual orientation. Christian is then attacked by a Muslim character. Although it is not yet known who is responsible, Amira and Syed's fathers will both be in the frame for the attack. The Muslim Public Affairs Committee has already criticized the gay storyline and said last year that the BBC had missed the chance to present a "normal friendly Muslim character" to the British public.

CW to Double Ads in Web Shows
The U.S. network, a joint venture of CBS Corp. and Time Warner Inc., plans next TV season to double the commercials in Web versions of its shows, including GOSSIP GIRL. That's a steep increase from the one or two ads per online commercial break that have become more standard as media companies jockey to keep Web video from undermining the traditional TV business.

Television networks are being forced to rethink their Web strategies as more viewers turn to Web video and ad revenue there remains paltry. The wide availability of TV shows online could lead younger viewers to ditch pay-TV subscriptions, from which TV companies reap tens of billions of dollars a year.

Ambra twins starring on AS THE WORLD TURNS
They're just 7 months old but they are already cashing paychecks. Joseph and James Ambra recently traded their residence of East Stroudsburg for the fictitious town of Oakdale.

"I started contacting talent agencies, and one called me back right after they received the twins' pictures," said the boys' dad, Thomas Ambra. "She told me the kids were adorable and told me about the soap opera. She asked for updated pictures, and the next day I got a call that the soap opera wanted to meet the kids."

PHOTOS: Michael Park and the cast of "The Burnt Part Boys"
The cast and creators of "The Burnt Part Boys," the new musical co-produced by Playwrights Horizons and Vineyard Theatre, greeted the press during a March 26 rehearsal.

GLEE returning at odd time of 9:29
GLEE's Spring Premiere will air at a special time on April 13th at 9:28/8:28c after AMERICAN IDOL.

Tika Sumpter Still on Contract With OLTL?
Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Sumpter is still on contract with ONE LIFE TO LIVE, not recurring.

Colin McEnroe: WWE is like a soap opera if....
"WWE really is a lot like a soap opera if there was a soap opera on which, every time the characters would ordinarily make out, they smashed each other with aluminum chairs instead. Unless the characters were both women, in which case they would just continue to make out."

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