NEWS: Ryan Phillippe, Save Kish, CHAPIN CIRCLE, Riegel

Ryan Phillippe on whether he would return to soaps
"I don't think so. [James Franco] did it. He owned that and I'm going to let him have it. It was my first job. I was 17 years old and it was kind of the best training you could have in a lot of ways. Getting a new script every day, having to learn it, it was good training."

Decision to end soap opera's gay plotline becomes its own drama
The "Save Kish" rally is mentioned in this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about Kyle and Fish's upcoming departure from ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

First Look: Eden Riegel on Y&R
A photo of the new Heather Stevens.

Web Series Opens its 'Circle' to Sponsors
CHAPIN CIRCLE, the Internet Television Series For Women, now airing its first two episodes at www.ChapinCircle.TV has thousands of viewers worldwide, hundreds of fans on Facebook and Twittter and dozens of new “newsletter” signups every day. “All we need now is a sponsor”, says Executive Producer Paul Prissel (an attorney and Harvard Grad who served as the Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Trade for former Virginia Governor now Senator Mark R. Warner). “CHAPIN CIRCLE is commerce-ready. We knew our demographic - WOMEN - and that’s who’s tuning in. We have three additional season one episodes completed and ready to air. The stage is set”.

DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM blazing the future of internet
Robert Townsend’s new hit series entitled, DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM, starring Hollywood legends Billy Dee Williams, Richard Roundtree, and actors Monica Calhoun and Leon is receiving critical acclaim and winning awards. The show is a powerful drama that chronicles the lives and challenges of three single mothers (from different nationalities and backgrounds) and their families trying to get ahead despite obstacles that all single mothers face, such as childcare, health, abuse, education and finances. The series also has the honor of winning the first ever soap award from for Townsend directing the all star cast.

Terri Garber returning to AS THE WORLD TURNS as Iris
"I start at the end of April and shoot through May."

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