Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NEWS: Judi Evans, Julianne Moore, PADDIES, Windsor

ONE LIFE TO LIVE has dishonor of first-ever PADDIES Award
The first annual PADDIES award ("Saint Patrick’s awful dreadful, dire, Irish entertainment scene") has been awarded to ONE LIFE TO LIVE. The episode was titled "How are things in Glocca Llanview?"

Judi Evans on the Justin and Adrienne reunion on DAYS OF OUR LIVES
"The way they wrote the characters, too, they really matured them, they really caught the gist of what their relationship had been as opposed to what it is now. Wally and I kept marveling at how wonderful the writing is. And true to form, true to life, true to the characters. So it's really been wonderful. I'm very lucky. Very blessed!"

Julianne Moore on her one day return to AS THE WORLD TURNS
"I did it already. I did it, we shot it, I don’t know when it airs. They asked me to come back because they’re going off the air. It was nice to be able to go back and they’re people that I cared about on that show and to say hello and - goodbye. It was nice to see them."

Arab world's first web drama, SHANKABOOT
"We are trying to tell a story young people can identify through a medium they can identify with," Amin Dora, the director of SHANKABOOT told The Media Line. "You can't reach these people through TV. The young generation are much more web-based, with only 20% of their lives on TV. We saw the trend towards web-based series in the West," he said. "So our goal was to make the first Arabic web series. Of course if a TV station wants to buy it, there will be no problem and maybe another category of people will watch it, you know 45-year-olds and above, but 16 to 35-year-olds are the people who are watching this on the web."

Barbara suggests EASTENDERS musical
"I wouldn't like to be the star of the musical. I would want to be second lead, leave it to someone else to take all the crap!"

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  1. So OLTL -- one of the most diverse soaps ever in this country -- is being called anti-Irish because it depicts Roxy, an over-the-top caricature of a woman getting drunk off green beer on St. Patrick's Day?

    "I have never seen such a despicable display of stereotyping and bigotry. Everyone, not just Irish-born or of Irish ancestry, should be offended by this show. We have decided that we will not watch anything on ABC."

    If this guy has never seen such a despicable display of Irish stereotypes apparently he doesn't go to the local pub on 3/17. If he lived in NYC he would see REAL people acting 100% worse than Roxy in the streets on St. Patty's Day.

    I'm Irish and I love Irish people. But people's cultural identities and sensitivities are really out of control. And for this guy to watch ONE EPISODE of OLTL and be offended by Roxy who is an insanely off-the-wall character on a daily basis, and who has been MUCH MORE irreverent before is beyond ludicrous.

    Instead of starting an award to shame a bad depiction of an ethnicity, these people should move to a country where there is no free speech and no diversity to speak of, then they would be happy. However, I would not recommend Ireland if Irish people offend them.