Friday, March 19, 2010

NEWS: Gay TV, Brett Claywell, Kreizman/Swajeski, GLEE

Pushing the gay TV envelope
Who is the bigger threat to “traditional marriage’’: a gay suburban couple, or Rielle Hunter?

INTERVIEW: OLTL's Brett Claywell (Kyle)
"Every day he and I showed up together that we were working together, you can be sure we were running our lines," says Claywell. "We were wiling to go on a journey and open up our hearts in front of those cameras. There are some people out in the world, actors who say nobody's watching daytime, nobody cares, nobody's seeing us, they go through the motions, it doesn't matter. To us, we never had a day like that. That's why the rumors that came out were so offensive and hurtful and cruel."

"We celebrated at the GLAAD awards and hung out after," says Claywell. "Scott and his brother Chris [Evans, of Fantastic Four fame] are coming to my birthday in April in Vegas. I get to meet his real brother and hang out, and that'll be a good celebration for us, good closure."

Will Chris Evans Play Captain America?
Marvel Studios made Chris Evans an offer to play Captain America. But it's not set in stone. Y&R's Wilson Bethel was also up for the role.

Mega-Hits in Sick Bay -- What's a Network to Do?
It's been a great year for broadcasters, with one big exception: TV's biggest tentpole hits from the past decade are sagging badly this season. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and GREY'S ANATOMY, for example, are experiencing double-digit declines.

John Barrowman: I hope Fox keeps TORCHWOOD's Captain Jack omnisexual
"The last thing I would want would be for Jack to become this heterosexual, straight hero," Barrowman says.

GLEE Soundtrack To Feature Madonna Hits, From “Borderline” to “4 Minutes”
The show is releasing a 7-song Madonna album for your listening pleasure an entire week before the episode featuring her songs hits the airwaves.

INTERVIEW: New AMC head writers David Kreizman & Donna Swajeski
Swajeski: "One thing that came to us right away [surrounded] James Mitchell [Palmer Cortlandt]'s passing. We love Palmer and his whole legacy. So, to be able to get in there, we decided to design a lot of our stories around him. It will be a Pandora's Box opening when his will is read. We wanted to use that and a lot of characters coming off of that. That was special to us."

Kreizman: "Angie and Jesse is another couple that we were really looking forward to giving a story. They've been under-utilized for a while, and we think they are great."

Ryan Phillippe To Shoot The Big Valley With Susan SarandonIn May
The former soap stars are teaming up to shoot the remake of the 1960s western.

1 million Brits watched live EASTENDERS on iPlayer
A record number of Brits logged onto the BBC iPlayer during February, to find out who murdered Archie in a live episode of EASTENDERS.


  1. When I read that "Torchwood" was coming to the USA, I got excited. But then I read it was coming to FOX.
    Why even bother?
    They'd better not de-gay Captain Jack.

  2. Oh great, more gay characters that are white. And HBO bought the rights to verbotene whatever, that german soap w/ a white gay couple. So HBO will probably make them both white. Sarcastic yay.

    When will they cast lgbtq characters that are of color to be the leads?

    Barrowman was the worst of the actors on Central Park West, and that show was complete crap full of bad actors.