More Scott Evans & Brett Claywell at GLAAD Awards

Out spoke with Brett Claywell and Scott Evans on the red carpet at Saturday's GLAAD Media Awards and the two class acts spoke eloquently about their run on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Out: What are your thoughts on One Life to Live ending your storyline?

Brett Claywell: It was a journey we went on together this whole year, and we had no idea it was going to be received the way it was. I couldn’t have been more privileged to work with a better actor to figuratively and literally hold my hand through the whole process. There’s definitely going to be some sadness, but we really are proud of what we did. We’ve been boyfriends on screen, and now we get to just be brothers. If nothing else we told a great story and developed a new friendship.

Out: What was it like doing the groundbreaking sex scene?
Scott Evans: We didn’t know when we were shooting it that it was the very first one. Then afterward we heard all about the breaking of new ground, and we thought it was pretty cool. 

Out: Why do you think presenting a storyline like this one is so important on daytime TV?

Scott Evans: You’re reaching an audience that you normally wouldn’t reach. These are people who may not be watching primetime TV or might not be so in to what is going on in modern times.
Brett Claywell: We’re glad to celebrate the telling of a truthful love story in every day households in the Midwest and the south, and that’s important.

Evans is currently in Los Angeles auditioning.


  1. *SWOON* Kish Rally 3/26 in NYC during Good Morning America

  2. So much potential wasted just because ABC/Frank Valentini ultimately proved to be pathetic cowards. Mr. Valentini, how you have treated Scott Evans, who is now effectively the proxy for all LGBTQ persons, their friends and supporters, is absolutely shameful. Hope you're proud of yourself, Mr. V.

  3. jsg03jd,

    Scott Evans is not representative or a proxy to all lgbtq persons. A white, out, untalented actor in liberal Manhattan is definitely not representative of the entire lgbtq population. That's an outlandish statement.

    If homophobia was the reason for kish's kibbosh, then where’s the complaint of racism since daphnee duplaix was let go? She’s a person of color so racism must be the reason she was axed. And majority if not all of the characters of color are relegated to doing nothing on Daytime. Even Days's Lexi, a Dimera character, gets to do nothing while EJ and Stefano run amok.

    Evans uttered that the Daytime audience may not watch primetime tv? What the hell? And he even uttered that the Daytime audience may not know what's happening in modern times. Huh?

  4. lonely,

    If you have personal problems against Scott Evans, whom I find to be very talented, and "liberal Manhattan" then that's your issue.

    You completely miss the point: what ABC Daytime has done to Mr. Evans and the KISH storyline is essentially akin to ABC Daytime telling the whole word that it does not value the viewership and loyalty of LGBTQ persons and that it only cares about the "mainstream audience" whomever the hell they are. The "mainstream audience" appears to advocate hate and bigotry if they are so disgusted by the likes of the characters of Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis.

    I am not a white person, but I am extremely offended by what ABC Daytime has done because by terminating Mr. Evans, yes, a gay white man, and killing KISH, that division of the ABC Network is telegraphing the message that because fictional versions of myself - white or not - are simply unacceptable to the "mainstream audience" they - and by extension I and other LGBTQ members of the vieweship - are equally disposable.

    I am just as outraged about the terminations of Daphnee Duplaix, the actors portraying the Evans family and, to a lesser extent because it was of her own volition, Tika Sumpter's going on recurring, which demonstrates a lack of commitment to storytelling for Layla Williamson. If the original post discussed the en masse firings of these actors, then I would have posted my disgust at that decision. But since the post was about KISH's termination, I posted what I posted.

    And your last paragraph is completely incoherent. That stream of consciousness writing doesn't suit you at all.

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  6. jsg03jd,

    It wasn't a stream of consciousness writing. LOL! Since you didn't get it, let me explain. To say that the daytime audience does not watch primetime tv or doesn't know what's happening in modern times is ridiculous.

    Of course Scott Evans is NOT representative of lgbtq persons everywhere. He's white, out and lives in a liberal place like Manhattan. That's self explanatory. I don't have personal issues with liberal Manhattan or Scott Evans especially since I don't even know Scott Evans personally. But he definitely does not represent everyone in the queer community.

    As a queer male of color who has been a soap fan since childhood, Scott Evans is simply one of the worst actors ever to be a part of the medium. He was axed along with Clifton, Claywell, Duplaix and Hunt. The fact that his axing is being made into a homophobia issue is misdirected. That's why I brought up Duplaix, if those Kish fans feel like homophobia is why kish was axed, then they should feel like racism is why Duplaix was axed based on their way of thinking.

    Move on. How can ABC be homophobes when they aired Kish and even let them have sex?! But with Kish being written off, ABC's now conveniently homophobic? ABC axing Kish is not a rejection of your entire being jsg03jd, but if that's how you feel, then that's your issue. On a lighter note, somewhere Patricia Mauceri must be laughing her arse off.

  7. lonely,

    Once again, you miss the point. Because ABC killed KISH for failing to resonate with "the mainstream audience," that is tantamount to an admission on ABC Daytime's part that fear and kowtowing to those who advocate homophobia are the primary factors for pulling the plug on this storyline, not, as you mistakenly infer, Scott Evans's performances.

    Are you able to point out any other reason for killing KISH other than your purely subjective, and I posit inaccurate and extremely biased opinion of Scott Evans's acting abilities? I'd be happy to hear them and will likely dispute them if necessary.

    In addition, you are making the WRONG assumption that KISH reflects EVERYTHING about myself when you don't even know me from Adam. Rather than belabor the point, just re-read what I wrote: what ABC Daytime has done reflects poorly on their judgment because rather than going forward with this story - and Ron Carlivati did have long term story planned for this couple but he kept on running into roadblocks in the form of his higher ups - ABC killed it. Why? Because the characters, in this case gay characters, allegedly failed to resonate with "the mainstream audience" - the same "mainstream audience" that, now you point it out, is likely populated with the ignorant and bigoted Patricia Mauceris of this country. Are you laughing alongside with her?

    Perhaps there is a differential with respect to audiences who watch daytime and nighttime programs because how is it possible that in the same network, whose daytime and prime time divisions are run by different people, Kevin and Scotty from BROTHERS AND SISTERS and Cam and Mitchell from MODERN FAMILY cannot co-exist with ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Oliver and Kyle? Perhaps daytime audiences are indeed less sophisticated than folks who watch television primarily after 8 p.m.

    And stop confusing this issue with racism because, again, this post is talking about the terminations of Scott Evans, Brett Claywell and the jettisoning of the Kyle and Oliver storyline. You're muddying up the discussion with those examples, while likely valid, when that is simply not the point of this posted item on this site.

  8. jsg03jd,

    I guess I need to explain to you again. Read your own reaction to my putting the Patricia Mauceri comment. You're interpreting any criticism of the whole Kish situation as potentially homophobic yet again, when it's not. My pt of putting the Mauceri comment is this: OLTL made news when they axed Mauceri and released a story to the press that she was axed when she didn't want to act scenes where Carlotta thinks Cristian's gay. Mauceri was painted as a homophobe and OLTL appeared all supportive of their gay storyline at Mauceri's expense. Yet here's OLTL axing Kish! Mauceri was thrown under the bus, when in fact her news interview had her saying she didn't believe that her character (not herself) would have that reaction to Cristian being gay. But as usual she was made to be homophobic like ABC is being made to be homophobic. Mauceri would probably laugh at ABC's predicament/Kishtastrophe right now.

    Like you wrote, my opinion of Evans's craptastic acting and distracting facial expressions as Kish is subjective. Therefore since it's subjective, you can't claim it's wrong. It's my opinion on his acting, and other people in diff boards share the same opinion. Evans is being touted as a good actor bec he's playing a gay char, and Daytime gay fans seem too desperate for same sex rels. I think the acting's more impt, regardless of the orientation of the character.

    Why was Kish axed other than Evans stinking up the screen? Carlivati's writing and the political overtones. Carlivati's writing was terrible. It didn't come from an organic place, the chars were thrown together and a frat backstory was created (probably Carlivati's fantasy LOL). Kyle began as a scheming, shady char but was made saintly when they made him gay. Fish was so preachy in the coming out scenes and the scenes at the popo headquarters with the not homophobic cop. Kish was too political (mass same sex marriages, Dorian pretending to be a lesbian, hate crimes, etc.) that it turned off probably many ppl. Soaps are about escapism IMO and sometimes they work with social issues, sometimes they don't. Kish didn't work. Kish not being tied to core families didn't help either.

    For you, as a daytime fan, to say that perhaps primetime's audience is more sophisticated than daytime, is odd. You're insulting yourself in the process. The diff between Kish and MF is light years. ES and the out JTF are excellent comedians. ES especially is Emmy worthy as Cam. he can pick an ep and win it. While Evans is dopey and probably the gay version of Austin Peck circa Days in terms of acting. Claywell's ok, but he can't carry Kish alone.

    I never wrote that Kish reflects everything about you. I don't even know you. I wrote that Scott Evans doesn't represent the lgbtq community. As for the race issue, my pt was if the Kish fans are claiming homophobia, how'd they feel if a grp began claiming Duplaix was axed bec of racism? Would the Kish fans agree and rally against Duplaix's firing bec of racism? I think not bec racism isn't the reason she got axed, much like homophobia isn't the reason Kish got axed. Other than Evans's acting, the political overtones and Carlivati's writing, OLTL axed Kish bec they're trimming the cast. Evans, Claywell, Hunt, Duplaix, Clifton were all axed. Setton left. There's rumors that an OLTL leading lady could be axed. Soaps need to stay afloat so it's a budgetary move.

    BTW, a rumor is floating on twitter that OLTL is going to create a gay character that was recently axed from a job. Wouldn't that be interesting on so many levels?