INDIE SOAP BEAT: March 19, 2010

In this week's "Indie Soap Beat" feature we reveal the latest happenings from around the world of independent soap opera and web series production. Click the show logos to visit the official websites.

In case you missed it, check out Damon L. Jacobs' recent feature on "Gays on Indie Soaps" here.

Winner for Best Indie Soap at the 1st Annual Indie Soap Awards, DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM released another new episode on Thursday titled "Promise Keeper." Ocean tries to help Peggy who's been behaving erratically. Peggy finally takes a step to help herself and in doing so, realizes how lonely she is for male attention. Lupe wonders if God has abandoned her. At the same time, Ocean confronts the devil she knows. DIARY has been named "Web Series of the Year" by the Los Angeles Web Series Festival.

GOTHAM aired a new episode this week featuring the debut of Matt Crane as Perry. This week's opening theme was "New York, New York" sung by Broadway legend Lee Roy Reams. In the pre-show chat, producer Martha Byrne revealed that GOTHAM would be casting Richard's son, Nick. Stay tuned!

Enver Gjokaj, who played Victor on DOLLHOUSE, is following launching a new webseries called PREVIOUSLY ON POINT DUME He describes it as "TWIN PEAKS meets Clue." Every "webisode" will be a PREVIOUSLY ON POINT DUME style collection of clips from the previous episodes — and there'll never be a full-length episode, at least not for the foreseeable future. Instead, you'll see the soap-opera parody's storyline unfold through these little recaps.

Here's the synopsis: Something is hiding in the wealthy beach enclave of Point Dume. A dark secret so so secretive it could take at least five seasons to reveal. When big city-boy Lazlo Wood returns home for his father's funeral, his nosy questions threaten to dig up more than just a corpse. What exactly is his step-mother Ginabeth hiding in the pantry? What exactly is Professor Pyle injecting local children with? And when exactly will Bron the Landscapist ever wear a shirt? These and other mysteries promise to almost never be explained in this new recap show for the greatest nighttime soap opera never seen, POINT DUME.

STEAMBOAT took last week off but did release a Behind the Scenes video for fans to enjoy. The next new episode of STEAMBOAT will air on Saturday. In case you missed our recent interview with creator Michael O'Leary, you can read it here. O'Leary will be participating in the first annual "We Love Soaps Weekend" May 21-23 at the Villa Roma Resort.

ANYONE BUT ME was voted the favorite indie soap of last week in the We Love Soaps poll. The show will air its next all new episode on March 23. ABM will be participating in this year's Los Angeles Web Series Festival which is taking place March 26-28.

DOWNSIZED was recently selected as one of YouTube's top 10 made-for-the-Web shows. In case you missed the most recent all new episode of the series, "Creative in Real Estate," you can watch it here.

THE LIKE US SHOW has now aired 33 episodes. LIKE US is a radio soap opera that airs on the web and several radio stations around the country and stars Shirley Vernae Williams, Shola Adisa-Farrar, Frank Watson and Ciera Payton, among others. Set on the campus of the fictional Atlanta University, LIKE US tells the dramatic story of the lives of the students of this Historical Black University.

CHICK released the show's 17th episode on Tuesday. Evil forces have been at work. Was the secret academy just a myth? You can watch it here. There are three more episodes left in Season One. To read Damon L. Jacobs' recent interview with the inspiring Kai Soremekun, check it out in three parts here, here and here. Soremekun was named Best Director at the recent Indie Soap Awards.

THE STEPS, shot on location in Chattanooga, is a noir mystery web series that tells the story of Charlie Madison, a lowlife private investigator from Los Angeles who’s forced to live under an assumed identity in middle America to escape his criminal past. The show released their fourth episode on Monday. Who is Charlie's secret admirer?

JACLIFE, from, debuted last week. 24-year-old Jaclyn owns JacFlash, one of Toronto's best boutiques and she runs the store with her closest friends. By day they dress some of the city’s most fashionable and famous but when the store closes the party is just beginning for the girls of jacflash. The show released its second episode, "Fashion Show Frenzy," this week. Jaclyn and Gillian’s first fashion show looks like it might end in disaster. Can they pull it together in time?

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