Happy 37th Anniversary YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS debuted on March 26, 1973, and revolved around man-woman relationships in contemporary society, with the emphasis on two families in the mythical mid-American community of Genoa City. Here's a description of the show given at the time of its premiere.

There are 16 principal roles in the series, with the cast headed by Robert Clary, who played the role of LeBeau on the long-running HOGAN'S HEROES.

Clary portrays the owner of a nightclub-restaurant which is a regular gathering place for the principal characters of the story.

One of the fictional families involved in the drama consists of the publisher of the local newspaper, his wife, and their four daughters.

The other family is made up of a prominent doctor, his wife and their two sons. An integral part of this family is the doctor's sister and her three children.

Entering into the lives of all of them is a rugged, self-confident and rather mysterious man whose presence greatly affects those with whome he came into contact.

Pictured above are Trish Stewart (Chris), Janice Lynde (Leslie), Brenda Dickson (Jill) and Lee Crawford (Sally).

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