CONFIRMED: Julianne Moore To Visit WORLD TURNS

CBS has confirmed that Julianne Moore will reprise her role as Frannie Hughes on AS THE WORLD TURNS for an upcoming episode. She'll greet her character's parents and wish them well in a walk-on cameo.

Suggestions for other AS THE WORLD TURNS returns: Larry Bryggman (John), Scott DeFreitas (Andy), Meg Ryan, Frank Runeyon and Colleen Broomall (Betsy, Steve and Dani), Rosemary Prinz (Penny) and Pat Bruder (Ellen).

Martha Byrne is a given for the sake of the fans but sure doesn't seem likely at this point.

I personally want to see the entire 54 year history remembered and not just the past decade so Moore is a wonderful start. Who would you want to see return?


  1. Other than the folks mentioned in the piece, Brian Starcher as Hank. I would also like that dangling plot thread of Sam and Kirk's disappearance (it was implied that James took them) tied up; Evan and the real Conner; Seth, Caleb, Julie, and Ellie; Lien, Adam...heck even pseudo-Hugheses like Jeremy and Eddie would be welcome!

  2. I'd love to see Margaret Reed (Shannon) return, as well as Lisa Brown (Iva)...and all the others that you mentioned.

    Maybe Hank Eliot, too? Who was friends with Iva and Shannon, as well as Barbara. Would be great if they did a fashion benefit for Luke's foundation or something.

  3. You mentioned that Martha Byrne is a given for the sake of the fans but that it doesn't seem likely. Why? She'd do it if they called. Why don't they call? They won't be honoring the fans if they don't bring back Martha Byrne. If they are too childish & petty to ask her to come back then they're going to be giving the fans a slap of the back of the hand. Think of the ratings if she came back! Wow! I don't care how many big names or others they bring back - without Martha Byrne - it's just not going to be right. Period.

  4. HURRAY! What great news and what a classy person Julianne Moore is to come back to pay tribute and respect to her first big acting job. Hopefully the script will be respectful enough of her time spent coming back.

    As for other ideas, what about bringing back James Douglas as Grant Colman? Eileen Fulton wants a storyline for Lisa, how about he comes to town and sweeps her off her feet and off to somewhere exciting before September 2010?

    It's too bad that Conard Fowkes has passed away as there's no longer anyone viewer-identifiable to play the role of Donald Hughes so that we have a full representative of the remaining Hugheses. (If they could get Rosemary Prinz to come back as Penny, that would be perfect! AND--I agree with the idea of Patsy Bruder coming back as Ellen.)

    Another thought is how about Anne Sward comes back as Lyla Montgomery? Katie has needed her mother for YEARS!

  5. So-o-o-o many characters/actors I'd love to see once again before the show ends:

    Caleb, Julie, Seth, Iva and Ellie Snyder; Kirk and Samantha; Penny Hughes; Ellen, Annie, Dee and Betsy Stewart; Grant and Joyce Coleman; Duncan and Shannon; Jessica and Ben; Lyla and Cricket Montgomery; Rick Ryan; John and Andy Dixon; Mike Kasnoff . . .

  6. Off the top of my head, in this order:

    John and Andy (and Denise and Hope)
    Kirk and Sam
    Iva, Julie, Caleb, Aaron (and MJ)
    Jessica & Ben (and Bonnie and Isaac)
    Adam, Abigail, Will and Gwen
    Dani, Ryder and Nikki (in the forms of Ashley Williams, Kerr Smith, and Jordana Brewster)
    Cal, Connor and Evan


  8. I'd love to see the whole Dixon clan come back, John, Andy and Lien. Thanks!