CLASSIC CLIPS: Larkin Malloy

Larkin Malloy came in at #45 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actors of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Malloy's work on THE EDGE OF NIGHT, GUIDING LIGHT, ALL MY CHILDREN, LOVING and AS THE WORLD TURNS.

1981: Gunther tells Sky he heard a loud noise upstairs. (EON)
1982: Sky rescues Preacher. (EON)

1982: Sky has a duel to the death with Donald Hext. (EON)
1983: Sky and Raven try to escape the CEA. (EON)

1985: Kyle falls asleep while fishing and has a mermaid fantasy. (GL)
1986: Maeve interrupts Reva and Kyle's wedding. (GL)

1987: Erica tries to calm Travis down. (AMC)
1987: Erica pleads with Travis and Jackson to work together. (AMC)

1992: Promo of Malloy as Clay on LOVING.
2002: Dr. Weston denies knowing James. (ATWT)

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  1. Cool! That's a shot from the summer of 1981... Raven and Sky's first wedding (actually this is the imposter Jefferson Brown). I'll try to identify everyone here... forgive the typos in actor names since I'm winging it here. Standing on the floor (of the Whitney mansion set): Mady Kaplan (who is AMC's Frances Heflin's daughter in real life), I think the next one is Meg Myles (Sid), Lois Kibbee, Larkin Malloy and Sharon Gabet. Right behind them are Ann Flood and Forrest Compton, Chris Jarrett (Damian Tyler), Sonia Petrovna (Martine Duval), Mark Arnold and Lori Loughlin. First row on the stairs: Mariann Aalda (Didi), Irving Allen Lee (Calvin), Yahee (Star), Terry Davis (April); next row: David Froman (Gunther), Lisa Sloan (Nicole #3), Joel Crothers (Miles). Back row: Dennis Parker (Derek), hmmm the next guy might be Albert Owens or something like that (played Carlo Crown I think); Leah Ayres (Valerie), Allen Fawcett (Kelly)