Broadway Cares 2010 - Adam Mayfield Interview

We Love Soaps had the profound privilege of attending the Broadway Cares Equity Fight AIDS benefit concert in New York back on March 21, 2010, and speaking to many ABC stars about their reasons for participating in this event. Please enjoy this series of interviews spotlighting the commitment and devotion of these talented stars.

ADAM MAYFIELD (Performed “I Slept With Someone Who Slept With Lyle Lovett" from "High Fidelity")

We Love Soaps: Adam! We haven’t talked since you went back to L.A.  How is it to be back there?
Adam Mayfield: It was weird at first.  I wasn’t expecting to be back so soon.  Not to mention following in love with New York made it strange to come back.  But I’m over it.  I have a million friends out there, I’ve reconnected with everybody.  I’ve got a great place, it takes me just as long to drive to the studio there as it did to walk the studio here. 

We Love Soaps: You told me in our interview that one of the things you were looking forward to most about moving back to California was being able to go camping.  Have you been?
Adam Mayfield: No, I haven’t had any time yet.  But I’m going to Yosemite two weeks from now.  I’ve never been to Yosemite, and I’m stoked.

We Love Soaps: You will love it.  There are mountains and forests, lots of camping. 
Adam Mayfield: It’s gorgeous out there.  I’m tired of looking at pictures and bank calendars, it’s time to see it with my own two eyes.

We Love Soaps: You had told me how important it is to you to give to others in this way.  I remember you saying that if you want self-esteem, do estimable things.
Adam Mayfield: If you want self-esteem, do estimable things.  It’s a win-win situation, it’s the perfect crime.  And if you want to feel good then you’ve got to do good things. 

We Love Soaps: Tonight you definitely showed that during your performance.  But for someone who does not have a stage or a platform, who might be reading this thinking, “What can I do?”, what would you recommend to do something estimable?
Adam Mayfield: Start small and work your way up.  Start petitioning online.  Make donations, even in you are broke, you can always 2-5% to something you feel passion about it.  It’s easy to do.  A guy told me that ten years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since.  I think contributing on a community level in this day and age then contributing on a global level.  Because you can affect more people more personally than if you are just a number on a page contributing.  I think it’s important to see the different charities that are in your local community.  So not only do you get a sense of community with everyone who is involved, but at the same time you are making a difference on a local and more immediate level.  There is just something so much more gratifying about contributing on a local level like that as opposed to signing a check and sending it in the mail.  I am a huge proponent of that, don't stop doing that.  But in addition to that go to the animal shelter, go to the homeless shelter.  Get to know people.  Whatever you find passion in.  Start locally, and branch out. 

We Love Soaps: Words of wisdom! Well we sure miss you locally here in New York.  This feels like a soap town sometimes because of the way you can just run into people.  I don’t run into you anymore. 
Adam Mayfield: And that was cool! You don’t run into people in L.A. You’ve got the weather, you’ve got the mountains, you’ve got the opportunities, but you don’t run into people like here. 

We Love Soaps: Anything you can preview for us about what’s coming for Scott? Any “Scanny” news?
Adam Mayfield: I’m trying to think about how to word this without giving anything away.  Scott is going to step up the plate like you’ve never seen him step up to the plate before.  Scott has always been responsible, a go-to guy, a standup guy.   But he’s going to have to up the ante if he wants the Chandler family to survive.  He’s really going to have to step up to the plate.  He’s going to show what he’s made of, because he has to. 

We Love Soaps: I like that.  We’ve seen him be a very nice guy...
Adam Mayfield: And a very naughty boy too. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you for reading this series of interviews! If you would like to learn more ways to take action against the spread of HIV/AIDS, and want to learn more about the current HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials, please visit Hope Takes Action, or contact Damon at

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