Beau Davidson - Interviewed By Nelson Aspen

I first met Beau Davidson a few years ago when I was a member at the Beverly Hills Country Club. Not long after we were introduced, he relocated permanently to his home state of Tennessee to pursue his musical aspirations full time. It didn't take long to pay off. I got back in touch with him when Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban gave birth to their daughter, Sunday Rose. I thought his resemblance to country singing Keith would be a fun opportunity to wish the new parents well. "How quickly do you think you can come up with a song for Sunday Rose?" I asked. In no time at all, Beau delivered me a gorgeous song in honor of the new celebri-tot, I put him on my New Zealand TV show (Keith is a Kiwi, after all!) and a viral hit was born! (See Beau perform "Sunday Rose" here) You see, once I have a talented artist in my clutches, I don't let go, LOL!

I was thrilled when he told me the news that he'd landed himself a role on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL...getting to do what he does best: sing! Here are some of his thoughts, straight from the set. Make sure to look out for him this week on Tuesday and Friday!

We Love Soaps: Last time I saw you, you were in NYC competing for the title of Cosmo's Bachelor of the Year! Is that what led to your soap break?
Beau Davidson: Not exactly. When I lived in LA, I got to meet Lee Phillip Bell and Bill Bell, the creators of BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Everyone in the soap world knows what legends they are. Lee is an alumna of my alma mater, Northwestern University, so we had a connection. Their sons run both shows now, so she was kind enough to introduce me to them. At that time, Brad Bell, her son who runs B&B, was creating a music-related plot-line for then-current IDOL castoff, Constantine. I was hopeful that I could do something of that sort, so I stayed in touch and would send them different songs or things I was working on. Perhaps the Cosmo honor helped my cause, but more accurately, it was a good relationship and being patient that led to this opportunity.

We Love Soaps: As a musician, how did it feel to suddenly have to become an actor?
Beau Davidson: Well, this isn't my first time at the rodeo with acting. In fact, when I lived in LA for five years, acting was my primary focus. I played co-starring roles on DAYS OF OUR LIVES and GILMORE GIRLS while continuing my acting classes. Northwestern prepared me well for this career, and I've felt quite at home acting and singing due to my experience on stage. One of my favorite opportunities up to this point was playing "Frid" in Sondheim's "A Little Night Music" with George Hearn, Patti LuPone, and Zoe Caldwell in Chicago. Acting and singing opposite those legends helps one's learning curve.

We Love Soaps: Had you ever watched B&B prior to this?
Beau Davidson: I sure have. As a kid I would come home after school to my grandmother's house, who was an avid soap fan. She taped all the CBS shows and would be replaying them by the time I arrived. The ironic part is that I used to see these guys as a kid- legends like Ron Moss (Ridge) and Hunter Tylo (Taylor), and now here I am singing for them in person in the context of the show!

We Love Soaps: Tell me about your B&B experience. Dish some dirt on those bold and beautiful cast members!
Beau Davidson: Haha- well I'll say this- they are all both bold and beautiful! Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) is a knockout, John McCook (Eric Forrestor) is an absolute riot, and Rick Hearst (Whip), whom most of my scenes are with, is an intelligent, funny, great guy. I couldn't help thinking of him as Alan-Michael Spaulding (from his days on GUIDING LIGHT). Backstage, we all had a big discussion about organic food, because most of the cast had ordered Chipotle (which I love), and I regaled them with tales of Nashville life, since many hadn't visited or knew very much about the country music industry.

We Love Soaps: Any chance you'll return again in the future? Maybe be revealed as a long lost Forrester?
Beau Davidson: I can only hope that such is the case! I find that I have somewhat of a resemblance to Jack Wagner (Nick Marone), and he's also a singer, believe it or not. In addition, Ron Moss (Ridge) was an original member of Player, who had the big '70s hit "Baby Come Back," so there very well may be room for me to return in this plot. I certainly hope so, because it was an awesome experience, and they really are like a family there. I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and hope I get another opportunity on the show. Hopefully the fans will like my appearance, and then they can demand my return! ;)

We Love Soaps: Think you'll be hooked on watching the show now?
Beau Davidson: I think I'll certainly watch it more regularly than I have been. I don't get the chance to watch much TV, but I'll be keeping my eye on this one.

We Love Soaps: What's next for you back in Nashville?
Beau Davidson: I'm recording my album and getting ready for its launch. That means I'm sifting through the best songs that I can get my hands on- some of which I've written, some written by others. You can't really afford to by a minor league hitter anymore if you want to make a splash in this industry. You have to deliver several home runs, so that the people believe in you. My mission is to deliver excellent music to people and change they way the listen to music. That begins with singing from your soul. People like raw passion, and I try to make them feel that. My career is already off to a unique start by debuting one such song on Bold and the Beautiful, which 50 million people watch worldwide, so expect more interesting ways in which I'll try to bring you my best music. I'd love for folks to come follow me on YouTube, and Facebook, where I often post new songs to get fan feedback.

We Love Soaps: Thanks for keeping me up to date on your road to stardom, buddy!

International entertainment journalist NELSON ASPEN got his start in Daytime TV and still keeps tabs on all things soaps! The author of several books, including HOLLYWOOD INSIDER: EXPOSED!, he broadcasts the latest showbiz news and celebrity interviews around the world daily. You may visit him at


  1. Great interview Nelson. I have been watching all the soaps for years. My favourite is the bold and the beautiful. Most of my friends don"t even answer their phones between 4.30 and 5.00 p.m. Just watched your video also, didn"t realise you could sing also. Obviously I have a lot to learn yet, Love Lynne xx

  2. Great interview with Beau, Nelson. I used to watch every soap on television. I still watch the Bold and The Beautiful, as do most of my friends. They don"t even answer thir phone when it is on. I do miss The Young and The Restless, as I have not got Foxtel. I did not realise you could sing also Nelson. You are a man with many talents, Love Lynne xx