NEWS: Matula, Ashford, Internet Usage, Minshew/Kaye

NTIA: Almost a Third of U.S. Does Not Use Internet
Broadband adoption continues to rise across the board, but traditional disparities continue. In addition, 30% of the respondents in a survey of 50,000 said they don't use the Internet at work or at home. The National Telecommunications & Information Administration says that new Census Bureau data for a survey NTIA commissioned shows that the poor, seniors, and minorities, continue to lag behind other groups in adoption. The Census Bureau survey has adoption at 64% of households, up from 51% in 2007.

One Economy and DIARY work to increase broadband adoption
When One Economy Corporation, the DC based not-for-profit organization wanted to advance its efforts to spread the gospel of broadband adoption among urban and rural populations, its CEO Rey Ramsay decided that there was a fundamental question that people had before they made the commitment to broadband. In short: "What's there for me when I get there?"

As a response, Ramsay partnered with Hollywood film and television director Robert Townsend to develop specialized content designed to meet the needs of the community they sought to reach. The webisode series DIARY OF A SINGLE MOM is the first result of that effort.

Zach and Kendall Visit ALL MY CHILDREN
Alicia Minshew, who is currently on an extended maternity leave from AMC after giving birth to daughter Willow last November, and Thorsten Kaye, who opted not to continue on AMC as Zach in the wake of the show's move from New York to Los Angeles, are making a short-term return to Pine Valley. She will first air on April 9; his first air date is April 13.

Kimberly Matula's 'Bold' move west has paid of handsomely
"I got a lot of text messages from friends and family that [first] day," she says. "Most of them saying just that: 'The role of Hope Logan is now being played by Kimberly Matula.' It was so exciting."

"So basically a little girl in ringlets goes up the stairs and about a year later she comes back down as me," Matula says. "They have a term for it in soap operas: SORAS. It means Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome. I'm not kidding. It's so funny. It's a storytelling technique that is totally accepted by viewers."

Matt Ashford film debuts Friday
A movie that shares the story of a Siouxland friendship will hit the big screen this weekend. Winning Favor is set in Orange City, Iowa. The film stars Matt Ashford from DAYS OF OUR LIVES and a whole lot of local talent and cameos.

In pictures: EASTENDERS through the years
The BBC takes a look back at the 25 year old soap.

Drama pilots getting more diverse
Halfway through castings, four projects star minority actors.

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