NEWS: Gilford, Clardy, Pine, White, EASTENDERS, Kim

EASTENDERS is 25 - but not loved by everyone
Where’s the wit, the vitality, the heart? David Quantick finds the soap’s image of London utterly dishonest. "EASTENDERS decided that we didn’t need to see the wit, the raucousness and the vitality of Londoners, that unique brand of vulgarity and cleverness that people in the capital are famous for, the surreal wit that infuses everyone raised there from Charles Dickens to Dizzee Rascal. And if that sounds like a PC rewrite of the Cockney character, then it should be said EASTENDERS was also signally short of Alf Garnetts, dodgy builders, wrong-headed cab drivers, and people of ethnic origin who weren’t saints."

VIDEO: Betty White, Abe Vigoda Snickers Super Bowl Commercial
Betty White the golden touch. This is one of the better Super Bowl commercials.

Former B&B actor Robert Pine on his 13 years on the show
"I was only a regular for three months but every time the tramp (Brooke) would get married, they'd bring me back for the wedding," he joked last week.

INTERVIEW: EMPIRE's Ryan Clardy (Cane)
"Our director, Steven, worked hard on establishing that look, which just won an Indie Soap Award, by the way. And, yes, we've definitely made the most of what's been at our disposal. The study set, for instance, which was so prominent in season one of EMPIRE, was actually built in the writers' apartment. As it turned out, they liked it and kept it."

Former ALL MY CHILDREN gives $1 million to Lake Erie College
Deborah Goodrich Royce (ex-Connie, AMC) and her husband Charles M. Royce of Greenwich, Connecticut, have contributed $1 million to her alma mater, Lake Erie College. In recognition of this gift and others from the Royces the college will name its fine arts building in her honor.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS star Zach Gilford cast in ABC pilot
Zach Gilford has been tapped to topline ABC's pilot MATADORS. The show centers on two feuding Chicago families, one in the district attorney's office and the other in the city's most influential private law firm.

LOST's Daniel Dae Kim to star in HAWAII FIVE-O remake
In CBS' updated take on the classic cop series, from CBS Studios, Kim will play Detective Chin Ho Kelly, a role played in the original series by Kam Fong.


  1. I could always use more Zach Gilford in my life. Can't wait til the season finale of FNL this week.

  2. Wow... haven't heard Deborah Goodrich's name in awhile! She was the original Silver Kane from 1982-83 who turned out to be a fake named Connie Wilkes... kind of an All About Eve story with Erica.